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The Life of a Cat

This is Smudgie. She likes to sleep in cozy places…this is pushing it. The empty clementine box is really not meant for coziness but I guess she didn’t care.

Sometimes I wish I could just curl up anywhere and catch a few winks. Especially today. I think the weekend has caught up with me. I’m beat tired and I’d like to go to bed right now. But, alas, I cannot.

I love my slow cooker but I hate cleaning it. I hate it. I’m leaving it until the morning and you can’t make me clean any sooner 🙂 Supper was delicious though. Chloe apparently didn’t think so…she ended up not even tasting it and having orange pieces, crackers and grapes for supper. *Sigh* Maybe she’ll eat what we’re eating someday. I can’t say it doesn’t stress me out a little. It’s hard to come up with variety for her and still have her eating healthy food. I guess I can be glad that she has developed a taste for fruit recently. That’s a start.

I’m going to watch Jeopardy. I love trivia. Did ya know that?



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Yes, she’s very cute

This morning as we drove in the parking lot at church, from the backseat, our almost 18 month old daughter proclaimed in an excited voice, ” Oh!….Yayyyyyy, Chuch!” Seriously people, how cute is that? She loves church…I guess we are doing something right so far 🙂

And in case you were wondering, here is what the new house looks like with windows…

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BRF – Psalm 119

Could it really be Friday already? Dude, the weeks are flying by.

I did manage to read through Psalm 119 almost everyday this week. I also discovered that if I read during the day when Chloe is napping, instead of when I get in bed at night, I take in way more information. Duh.

Having looked at some of the “cheats” in my Touch Point Bible I discovered that it is an acrostic poem, there are 22 stanzas, one for each letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The eight verses within each stanza begin with the Hebrew letter of it’s section. I just thought that was an interesting piece of information.

There is definitely a theme in this chapter. The author (I’m not sure if it’s David, do any of you know for sure?) really wants us to know that he is committed to following God’s laws and commandments. But he doesn’t just say he’s going to, he also tells us why and how we should follow God’s laws.

I think summed up, this is a chapter that describes just how important it is to be in God’s word regularly. We sing “Thy Word” alot in church and I’ve loved that song since I was a little girl but the meaning is deeper than I think I ever really thought about before 🙂 I mean, imagine, the God who created us also gave us an instruction manual on how to live our lives for Him! He didn’t just leave us hanging to figure it out on our own (and we all know how disasterous that would be, look at all the people who don’t follow the manual). He gave us a lamp for our feet and a light for our path. I especially like verse 130 (NLT): As your words are taught, they give light; even the simple can understand them. ’nuff said 🙂

v. 152: I have known from my earliest days that your decrees never change. Oh if only the world would agree. It’s upsetting to hear people in the media who claim to believe in God and think the Bible is a “good” book but also think that the Bible should be updated to include what the world views as ok. A good example would be gay marriage and how those who are in favour of it think that “God just wants everyone to be happy”. It really wouldn’t take much study to see how attitudes like that are the cause of the downward slope of society as we know it. I could go on with this topic but all I’ll say is I’m glad God’s laws never change. They were right for men of biblical times and they are right for us now in 2007.

There is something in each and every verse of this chapter that is worth paying attention to. These are just a few thoughts I had. I’m really looking forward to reading yours 🙂


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You should click on this:

Just when I thought Charmin was going to quit blogging (yeah, right) she has posted a link to a very worthwhile read. So for the few of you who don’t regularly read Charmin’s posts you should go to this…now…go on, I know you want to. It’s The Sparrow’s Nest so click on it. I might have been automatically convicted. All these great posts are giving me alot to strive for. It’s overwhelming but totally necessary.

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Brain Dump

I sort of borrowed that title form someones blog…I hope she doesn’t mind. She’ll probably never know because I don’t know who she is and she doesn’t know me. I just stumbled on her blog the other day but “brain dump” is an appropriate title for this post. I’m pretty sure this will be a random bunch of un-interesting things 🙂

I had really been looking forward to our friends the Laporte’s moving back to Greenwood in March. Unfortunatly the military did what it is known to do and changed their mind. They are posted to Shearwater instead of Greenwood. I know, it’s really not that much further away compared to Winnipeg where they are now. But, it’s far enough that they won’t be able to come to Weston and that’s what me and Shala were really excited about it. So, I have to wonder what God has planned here for this family. Shala is a new Christian of less than two years and didn’t feel comfortable in any of the churches near her in Winnipeg so getting back to Weston was a great thing to look forward to! Her husband isn’t saved and they have twin (almost 3 year old) girls that need to be churched too. I guess I’ll have to wait and see what the Lord brings them.

On a completely different topic, my mom bought the cutest little pine cabinet yesterday and asked me if she could store it here until they are in their new house in Berwick (here? really? sure!) Anyway, we found a cozy little spot for it at the top of the stairs and it looks great….BUT…it has a funky smell! I mean gross funky, people. I’m about to take the disinfectant to it but I don’t want to ruin the finish. Ew. I wondered why Mike took a big wiff as he came in the door last night and made a strange face 🙂

Today is shaping up to be not half bad. I got lots accomplished this morning, chloe is having an early nap after getting up early this morning, I have a plan for supper, and I think munchkin and I will get out of here after she wakes up and eats lunch and go find something to do. I have a long list of small things that need to get accomplished like getting a watch battery, and some blank CD’s to save pictures on. You know, that kind of stuff.

Mike has been very busy working on our house every evening for the past week or so. He must be exhausted! His day job tires him out enough but he’s been doing ‘house building things’ after supper. Lately he has been doing electrical work with Kim’s husband. Well Kim, now that our hubbies hang out, maybe we should! It only seems fair 🙂 Anyway, Chloe has been very clingy lately and I think it might be because she misses her daddy. I just thought of that the other day. Any change in routine for her throws her right off. She’s too much like her mother.

I washed Chloe’s bed toys this morning and when I opened the dryer to take them back upstairs, I heard, “Amen” AH! One of them says a prayer when you push it’s belly. These don’t do well in the wash because when I put her down for her nap it started praying without even being touched but in FAST FORWARD! yeah, that toy is toast…we can’t have random chipmunk sounding prayers while baby is sleeping. *shudder* That’s the type of thing phobias are made of.


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4 -Way flashers again? This morning I wake up and…

4 -Way flashers again?

This morning I wake up and look out the bedroom window to see what the weather is like. They were calling for snow again. As I look out I notice it is indeed snowing and there are no cars in the driveway. Hmmm. Odd. I’m pretty sure Mike can’t drive two cars at a time. Just up the road a few houses, I see our old Ford….and the 4-ways are a flashing!

Can see our car past the two cars that are closest in the picture? There it is on the side of the road. So of course I call Mike to see what’s up this time. Turns out the axel broke this morning. For those of you who are car savvy, you know this is bad. BUT, it is WAY worse if it happens when you are driving fast on the highway where there is oncoming traffic. The Lord has once again protected Mike from something possibly horrible happening. I am grateful to say the least. Further in the conversation I learned that he also spun out on the highway while driving the other old car but didn’t leave the road or hit anyone or anything. Thanks again Lord! Maybe You were trying to tell Mike to stay home today?? Anyway, he is safe and sound and we are going to have to get a tow truck.

Kim, I’m not going out to turn off the 4-ways this morning because my boots don’t match my pajama bottoms today 🙂


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Yesterday morning I was in the kitchen and I heard…

Yesterday morning I was in the kitchen and I heard, “Mommy. Oh no. Chee-whoa.”

When I came in this is what I saw 🙂 Don’t ya hate when cheerios get stuck between your toes?

I’ve decided to leave Ephesians to those of you who wrote great reviews already. Head on over to Shannon’s Blog and check them out on Mr. Linky if you haven’t done so.

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