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Walmart wasn’t very fun…in fact it was more stre…

Walmart wasn’t very fun…in fact it was more stressful because apparently Chloe did not want to be out in public today. She pretty much screamed the whole time which was sort of embarrasing but not as much so as for the mother of the little girl who pulled her pants down in the baby clothes section. That poor little free spirit got a smack and was confined to the shopping cart. I did manage to get Chloe 2 pairs of warm sleepers so that’s a bonus. I also got my sister a birthday present but i can’t tell you what it is in case she all of a sudden gets hip to the blog grove in the next few days.

I decided I want to lose at least 10 pounds and I celebrated this epiphany with a jr bacon cheese burger combo on the way to walmart. I think I am setting myself up for failure. Mom and I talked about joining wieght watchers, I don’t know if I’d be any good at that either. What i need is hard core exercise but who can get to the gym when you have one car that your husband takes to work and a baby to look after? And walking with the stroller just doesn’t do it for me. I don’t know how you skinny mothers get that way. I really like eating. Sigh…



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I’ve spent alot of time in the last couple of days…

I’ve spent alot of time in the last couple of days reading people’s blogs. it certainly has been taking up alot of my time! I used to get lots of stuff done when Chloe was napping but lately…not so much.

I think this afternoon we’ll go to new minas. A good walmart trip is always a highlight of the weekend. Chloe needs pajamas and it’s easier to find some at walmart then it is to take chloe to frenchy’s…she doesn’t really like sitting in a stroller while i rifle through the bins. i don’t blame her. And i can’t leave her here because Mike is away so it’s girls day out! Just me and my one year old 🙂 anyone that says more than 10 words want to come?

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Deal or No deal So for the last week or so there …

Deal or No deal

So for the last week or so there has been drama on our house. it’s been for sale now for about 6 months and just as we were about to take it off the market, bam! we get 2 offers in 2 days. So the one from ontario we reject because it was an offer on condition that they sell their house in Niagra Falls so you don’t really know how long you could wait so we pursue the offer from kentville. Meanwhile, Mike and I are picking out land and house plans because we have to be ready in case the house actually sells. Well, of course anyone who knows me knows that means I’m getting all caught up in the new house thing and even though I tell my self not to get too excited…I can’t help it. i mean, how can you not? So these people from Kentville get the buidling inspection done and I won’t go into it all but this building inspector did a 7 page report on our house. Apparently this is not typical. Not only did he point out the things that needed immediate attention, he also speculated on things that may someday need attention and also told some lies and made some stuff up. We know this for a fact so i’m not just being bitter. It seems to me that this guy was a master report writer and not so much a master inspector. Anyway, so of course the poor little first time buyers from kentville ran away…far away from our house. I would have too if I didn’t live here and know that this house is sound…anyway, enough about that. So our agent calls this morning with “bad news, and good news” the bad news being the people running the other way and the good news being that the people from niagra falls are still interested because they were “so disappointed” when we rejected thier offer. anyway, there’s still hope…but I may have learned my lesson. i am not looking at the house plans again until after the next house inspection and there is some good news. Here’s hoping they get a different inspector. seriuosly people, I wanna know…DEAL OR NO DEAL

On another note my mom and dad arrived safely to the valley today and I am happy that they are closer by. Mom got a part time job at Northern Reflections and Dad is still looking for work. They are also going to be doing some fill in work at the harmony baptist church. So, things are looking ok 🙂

I really do ramble on, don’t I?


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June Cleaver… This morning on the Today show th…

June Cleaver…

This morning on the Today show they did a piece about what men really want in a wife. Do they want her to be June Cleaver or do they want her to be an independant career woman who also looks after the home and kids. I didn’t actually pay much attention to the piece but I did realize (again) how important it is to be a SAHM (stay at home mom) and a housewife. Before Chloe was born I had a fulltime job out of the home…and then a part time job after I nearly had a breakdown. But that near breakdown made me realize how important it is to be home. i truly believe that it was God’s way of telling to me to stay home and take care of my husband and prepare to have children. The most amazing thing to me is how much Mike appreciated me being home and having supper ready for him, getting the laundry done, and tidying up a little. It took so much stress off of him and therefore SO much stress off of our marriage. Amazing. And now that we have a daughter, I’m even MORE convinced that the home is the place for the wife to be. Why would you want someone else raising your children? People think they simply can’t exist on one income…well we are living proof…and many other wonderful families that i know. None of our husbands make close to 6 figures (as far as I know) and we are all raising children in homes that we own (well, paying for) and all of our kids are clothed and fed quite nicely (frenchy’s rocks!) It all boils down to faith and obedience to God. The Bible says that wives should stay in the home to take care of thier families and I truly believe that God blesses us for that obedience. Sure, we don’t have 2 SUV’s but who really needs that? it’s all about being satisfied with what God gives you. He promises to give us what we need…And He does.

There, I’ve been thinking about that all day, I had to write it down.

Yesterday an old friend from high school just dropped by out of the blue! It was so nice to see Debbie Burns…She works on cruise ships and sees the world…but her mom lives here in the valley so she has to come home sometimes! I love when random people drop by! We met when i was in the 10th grade and she was in 12th…we played on the volleyball team together and she was SO nice to little old me, a rookie that often got subbed in for her. It’s cool that we are friends after all these years. Good times in the maritimes.

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first blog day!

oooooooooooooo, it’s my first blog and it likely won’t be a very long one because I heard Chloe sneeze which means she is prolly waking up now. She will want some lunch soon I suppose. Darn kids, always eating…just kidding, i love my darn kid!

So what prompted me to go ahead and create this today was my good friend and S.I.C. (sister in Christ for those of you who aren’t up on the lingo…which is most of you all who might read this since i just made it up) anyway, yeah, Erin…I just read her blog from a few days ago…I think from sunday it was and i have decided that I am a FOOL! A big fool. I have been SO unfaithful lately in my devotions, my prayers and just my relationship with my one and only Savior that i am nothing but a fool. Why would I put the most important relationship ever aside? I really don’t know but I do know that i have some searching and figuring out to do. what the heck is wrong with me? I need a kick in the pants. Here I am with a beautiful daughter and am already not teaching her what I should be. I should be setting an example for her by reading my Bible and praying and saying grace for meals because she watches everything I do. I notice her picking up on alot of my habits and do you know what they are? Anger and frustration if things don’t go my way and i already see that in her and it hurts to know she got it from me. So, i need to smarten up.

Anyway, for now, that’s it I guess. Happy First Blog Day to me! Hopefully this will be the start of something therapuetic.


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