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My Burden

Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me; for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. Matthew 11:28-30

My burdens may not be as heavy as other peoples but I struggle with them just the same. And just maybe last night I cried out to God for a little help…and just maybe this morning this was the verse on my scripture flip calendar thingy on my kitchen window sill.

I think He heard me.



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How do you heal a heel?

So I realize my birthday post was boring at best. But really, I wasn’t feeling terribly excited about the whole event. I suppose the better choice would have been to just not bother writing about it.

Anyway, on to the topic at hand. I need some healing. I’ll admit it, I have dry, cracked heels. Usually in the summertime they get a little bit better but lately they have been worse. Maybe it’s the extra weight I’m carrying what with the baby and all. My point is, last week my left heel pretty much split open. You can probably guess that it’s pretty painful. And it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Should I bandage it? Should I put something on it? I guess the other option would be to stay off it.

Yeah right.

Well, if anyone has helpful heel tips, bring me in to your circle of healing.

Because…well, ouch.


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Well, that was a fast year

It feels like yesterday that I sat down and wrote my post about turning 30. Well, heavens to betsy today I turned 31. I’m in my 30’s. I can’t say I love it but what’s a girl to do? I’ll just keeping feeling 28 and move right along with life.

I’d love to have something insightful to write about what I’d like my next year to be. I know it will bring changes. For one thing, I will be the mother of two…which scares me just a little. But I suppose I will adjust to that in the same way I adjusted to being a mother in the first place. You deal. You have to. And you get alot of joy and a little heartache along the way…and if I remember correctly not a whole lot of sleep. I’m excited to meet this baby. The novelty of pregnancy has warn off and I’m just ready to have a new baby and get started. Not that I want a preemie, no sir, but I sorta hope the summer goes fast. It always does so I guess I shouldn’t rush it anymore than normal. I’m still bitter about winter.

The point is, time just keeps on speeding up. Every year disappears a little quicker than the last. Strange how that is. I guess that  means I’m a grown up now. Yikes! 

Birthdays always make me so melancholy.


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What? Did I just make an important decision?

Yes, yes I believe I did!

I posted awhile back about my fears and worries of childbirth this time around. I talked about whether or not I had the guts to try for a VBAC or to just go ahead and schedule the c-section which I have the option of doing since my daughter was born by section. And so, I prayed and read and am still reading but I really think I am GOING TO GO FOR IT! I’m going to try for the VBAC. There really isn’t any reason that I shouldn’t try. In all the research that I’ve done I haven’t come across anything that convinces otherwise.

Yay me! This was a tough decision for me. It was one that no one could make for me. I just had to get educated enough to figure it out for myself. A couple of friends have been really supportive, giving me websites and lending me books to read. The one I am currently reading “The VBAC Companion”, loaned to me by Seven, has been a real help and a great educator and I’m not even halfway through yet.

And today I talked to my OB about a few things I was either worried about or just wanted to know and he was informative and seemed like he had no concerns for me to give it a go.

I’m not going to lie, I’m still a little scared. I’m scared that I’ll have the same crazy hard labour and four MORE hours of pushing that ends in a section again. But, I think I will be pleased in the end if I at least give it a try. I really want the experience of birth…not someone birthing for me in surgery. And I don’t want to be seperated from my husband and baby like I was when I went to recovery after my daughter was born by section. So, those being my two biggest motivators, I will try. 


I really thought that God was going to make me wait longer to give me peace about a decision…or maybe it’s that I wasn’t really listening all along but He is faithful and I need to remember that. I think seven loaning me that book was all part of the plan too 🙂

Anyway, there you have it. I might be proud of myself for not being a chicken for once!! Woot!


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I think she’ll be ok without the pucky

In case you’re dying to know how C made out on her first pucky-free night, she did ok. She did call for me a couple of times and ask for them back but once she fell asleep, she slept through the whole night. She woke up and cried this morning when she couldn’t find one in her bed but was easily distracted by breakfast.

She did not nap this afternoon and I fear she may never nap again. It’s alright though, she has been slowly phasing out the afternoon nap anyway. Sometimes I just like when she takes a nap, that’s all 🙂 But at least she will stay in her room for rest time. I need that.

And tonight when I put her to bed she asked for them again but I keep reminding her how big she is and that her new baby cousin needs them much more than she does because Aslyn doesn’t have a blankie OR a ducky yet. That seems to make sense to her.

In other oh-so-interesting news, we are going to have a front lawn soon! yay! We’ve been living in the land of dirt for a year now and I might be a little excited to have grass. We are going to sod the front and side yard. Mike’s work sells it now so he gets it for some ultra-discounted price that just seems to make more sense than waiting for seed to grow. But just to be different, we’re going to seed the backyard because it’s a bit larger and would cost a little more to sod.

What, can’t I be excited to have grass in my yard?

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The Baby, the big girl, and the pucky

So. Most of you who read this here blog o mine know that my sister did in fact finally have her baby friday morning. Yay! We are all very happy…it’s a girl, she was 9lbs 9oz and they named her Aslyn. She is the spitting image of her father. She’s a sweet little thing and I cannot wait for the end of Septmeber because I want mine 🙂

Yesterday, my not-so-little-anymore girl volunteered to give baby Aslyn her soothers. I hate to admit it but C still takes one to bed with her…until tonight. We packaged up the “puckies” as she calls them and brought them to Aslyn today because everybody knows new babies need puckies, right? Of course they do. The older, more grown up girls pass the pucky to the new baby. And so C with no convincing from us, passed them on to her new cousin.

I just put her to bed and she asked me a couple times if she could have one back and I told her that her cousin needed them now and she would be ok because she has ducky and blankie to snuggle. I’m nervous of how the next few nights will go. I think she’ll be ok but I could be wrong. So far tonight she is quiet. Hmmmm….


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Today’s the day!

Well I’m still waiting for my sister to have her baby. But the good news is that it will be today sometime…unless the induction takes her labour past midnight tonight and I certianly hope not! C and I are waiting here for the call that she is getting closer. It kinda stinks waiting here but I also know my child and a whole entire day of hanging out at the hospital would not be pleasant for anyone after she got bored. So, we shall wait…sigh. I don’t want to wait. But I will.

Normally Mike would have taken the day off but I used up my free pass of him staying home from work the other day when we all thought she would have the baby Tuesday morning and we spent most of the night at the hospital. I slept a good chunk of that day once her labour stalled and we all got sent home.  So, he had to go to work this morning and I have to stay here and wait for phone updates. Sigh.

Anywho, what can ya do. I hope the day goes well for her and that it isn’t as hard as I think it will be. We don’t have a great family history when it comes to labour and delivery. Maybe she’ll break the mould. Although the fact that she has been having contractions since last Friday suggests that she is on cue with mom and I in child birth. It makes me want to schedule my section right quick for this next one. Oh the memories of labour are pouring back in 🙂


Oh, that was my daughter wanting to contribute to the blog today 🙂

Check ya later

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