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I’ll probably forget

I’ve been meaning to write down some of the extra cute things that C has said and done lately but I haven’t because I always think I’ll remember them.

Yeah right.

So, I’m going to try and think of some and put them down here so that they might not all be forgotten.

If you sit near us in church, you’ve probably heard this one but it needs a little explanation for those who aren’t familiar with our evening sevice procedure: There is an older gentleman in our church who leads the hymn singing portion of the Sunday evening services. He wears suspenders and they cross in the back. One Sunday a month or more ago, as Mr. K was making his way to the front, C says, “Look momma! An X man!” Of course this isn’t a reference to the movie characters but the giant letter “x” on his back from the suspenders. And every evening service since then she has announced this as Mr. K walks past us.

Yesterday she says to me, “You’re the best mom I ever seen.” I like that one 🙂

Part of the Christmas parade in Town the other day included some goats. (I know, goats aren’t very christmas-y but we live in farm country) Honestly, her reaction to the goats was the most enthusiastic one of all things in the parade. “Look! Tiny Goats, Daddy! Aw, I love tiny goats so much.”

Any of you who have or ever had a toddler know that getting a moment to yourself is difficult. I closed the door to the bathroom the other day and C burst in a moment later. I asked her to please leave so mommy could just go to the bathroom. She looked at me almost sympathetically and with a knowing tone in her voice said, “Ohhhh, you have a poopy diaper.” And she promplty left. That one was more tone than anything and it cracked me up. But I did get a few seconds to myself 🙂

Also her enthusiasm for all things Christmas makes me very happy. We went to the mall the other day and each and every time we passed under a line of garland it seemed like she had never seen such a thing in her whole two years of life. I’m pretty sure that comes from me. I loooooove everything Christmas.

One of my other favorites lately is when asked a question she replies, “You certainly can!”

I’m sure there are more that I’ll remember throughout the day and I’ll edit to add them as they come to mind.



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It’s for her, really it is

I don’t get out much. Mainly because the one vehicle we own goes to work with Mike everyday. I’m used to it now but once in awhile I just want to hit the road.

Mike’s parents got called away to Ottawa for a couple weeks and left us their other car! This makes me a little happy.

We have E here today so I got both car seats secured and we were off to Walmart to run some errands and waste some time 🙂 While we were in the electronics section I saw something that made me catch my breath just a little in excitement; the Alvin and the Chipmunks 25th anniversary Christmas DVD.

I won’t lie. I might have squealed quietly just a little.

And maybe I bought it immediatly.

And then when I looked at it further and discovered it also came with a CD soundtrack I might have got a little more giddy inside.

And maybe as soon as we got home I put the girls right down for a nap and I possibly opened that case up and played the CD.

And I liked it.

But it’s totally for C and she is going to get as many years of Christmas joy as I did from those squeaky little chipmunks. Yes, and she’ll laugh at her crazy mother when she’s old enough to do so. And then she’ll look at me strangely when I tell her we used to have the ‘vinyl album’ and play it on the ‘record player’ when I was a little girl. It’ll be an educational moment for sure 🙂

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I’m such a chicken

Sixteen whole days ago, I wrote this post and said that I was going to make the hard phone call that afternoon.

Yeah right. I totally lost my nerve and never got it back.

So today I decided to write a letter. Which I just did. But for me, the hard part will be handing it to them. I live life trying to avoid awkward moments and this is sure to be one as I’m pretty sure they aren’t expecting me to hand them a letter and tell them it’s my notice.  Awkwardness terrifies me.

The problem is, I can’t figure out a non-awkward way of quitting anything. I don’t like quitting. I just know I have to. And I know that once I do, I’ll feel a burden lift of my shoulders just like I did when I made the other less hard phone call that I spoke of in that same post.

Why am I so worried about what other people think and why can’t I be more obedient to The One who matters most?

Sheesh. I annoy myself.

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The worst great idea I’ve had in awhile

It snowed yesterday. I love snow.

I don’t like cold. Today is sorta cold but the sun is out and I thought we could use some fresh air so I bundled us up for a walk to the local Tim Hortons. Sometimes I will walk to town in the cold for a french vanilla cappacino craving.

On the way there, the sidewalk on the road I’ll call Side Street had some chunky sort of ice type snowballs on it. Yes, that is the technical term 🙂

The sidewalk on Main Street was smooth and clear which caused me to forget about the trecherous walking on  Side Street.

I got my cappa and C had her tiny chocolate donut and we were on our way. I specifically remember thinking as I was pushing the stroller with one hand down Main Street how convienient it was that we had such an easy stroller to steer so that one could carry a hot beverage on a cold day and still push a stroller with one hand.

Side Street made me take back those thoughts.

The lumpier it got the harder it was to steer with one hand causing me to have to try and steady the stroller with the other hand that contained my sweet cappa.

Here’s where you can just use your imagination. Just picture me trying to steer while the bumping of the stroller causes the liquid to jump out of the cup and all over my mittens and jacket.

Ok fine. I’m now a mess.

Wait there’s more.

Man walking towards us on the same sidewalk. Sidewalk is already narrow due to the snow. I try to get out of the way. Liquid again jumps out of cup, splashing strange (but very nice) man. Me turning eight shades of red and apologizing. Nice man says, “Don’t worry, it’ll wash out.”

Thank you for not yelling at me nice man.

Coat and mittens are in the wash. Lesson learned.


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I could totally go for an Orange Julius right now

C’s been down and out all week with a chest cold and a fever. I think that the fever has finally broken and the child seems pretty normal this morning. Normal except for the horrible sounding chest congestion rattling around. But otherwise, running and playing as usual.

Since it’s Thursday, E is here as well and I find it best to try and load them up as often as possible for a stroll to town in the wagon. They like it, I get a little exercise, and they are usually quiet on the trip.


I had two stops to make uptown (Charmin, that was for you…I thought everyone said “uptown” but I guess not, eh?)

The second stop was to our friendly neighborhood bargain shop for some little Canadian flags for our theme night at Awana this evening. Here’s the good part: She put my purchase in a GAP bag. Does anyone else find this extremly humorous? I mean, I think you may only find it funny if you’ve actually been to Bargain Harley’s because there are certainly NO similarities between the two stores.

I even felt a little awkward walking home with a GAP bag hanging off the wagon handle. If I’m carrying a GAP bag,  I should be in the city dressed in some of my nicer clothes, not wearing sneakers, sipping an Orange Julius and chatting with my sister or some girlfriends.

Then again, it would probably just be a Baby Gap bag…and I’d still be wearing sneakers because who wants sore feet on a shopping trip to the city?

Anyway, you get it though, GAP bag in town here = weird.


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I like winning

So maybe I chickened out the other day and I haven’t made that phone call yet. I will. I so will.

But I wanted to tell you that the time I wasted spent last week entering a few hundred contests paid off. I won what I think is a pretty cool prize. It’s a cloth diapering package! And if God blesses us with another baby I am so going to try the new kit. I’m all for the environment…and saving money.

Anyway, props to Our Blessed Arrows for a cool prize and for picking me randomly 🙂 I’m also digging her blog so far from what I’ve read. Visit her and see what you think.

I’m off to play with C who has been barking like a seal since last night. We didn’t get much sleep. Somehow it’s easier not to sleep when they are sick…for a few nights anyway.


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Be proud of me

I have taken two things off my very full plate and no one yelled at me. Go figure.

I need to make the hardest phone call this afternoon.

I don’t want to. Having phone phobia makes important or awkward calls that much more difficult.

This is me pouting 😦


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