*Sigh*… I’m not posting my review tonight. I ma…


I’m not posting my review tonight. I may not do a review. I haven’t decided yet. I think I have adult A.D.D. or something, I have a really hard time with the longer books. I just can’t focus like I do with the ones that are shorter and read more like a story. I’m working on it and I’m not going to give up but I really don’t know if I processed Ephesians enough to write a review. *Sigh.*

There are some things floating around in my head but they are not organized. I feel a bit like a failure since I was SO gung-ho last week to be a faithful reader that learns and applies all she reads from God’s word. *sigh*

Maybe I’ll be more focused in the morning?



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3 responses to “*Sigh*… I’m not posting my review tonight. I ma…

  1. kelly

    That’s okay, I read too but am not leaving a review. I’m not sure if I can really sum it up and do it justice. Sometimes it needs to rattle around in my head (or heart) a bit before I have my “aha” moment.

  2. Shannon

    The review is not really the point, though it really does help you sum up what you learned, once you start writing it. I felt the same way as you and then felt a whole lot better by the time my review was done. Anyway, the point is that you read that whole book a bunch of times this week! Isn’t that exciting? A short while ago many ladies involved weren’t reading their Bibles at all. THAT is the point. 🙂 I love it! 🙂

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