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Book review Friday – Joel

Well, it’s been a week here that’s for sure. Good Christmasy times with family made the time fly. I can’t believe it’s Saurday already. Today was crazy as Mike woke up, stretched, and injured his neck. So much so that he almost passed out and I had to call my dad to help me get him up off the floor. A trip to out patients reveals it is just a pulled muscle and he is off the floor and feeling ok. He can’t really do anything though which makes my day a little busier 🙂 But I’m glad it doesn’t seem to be serious. It made me realize how much he does around here though when I have to add those things to my list!

Ok, on to Joel. I kind of took this book personally. When I read it the first time, I was all, “Locusts, blah, blah, blah..restrotation, yay! The Lord is good. Nice book”  But as I continued to read, it felt personal. Like it was me who was being destroyed by locusts only slower. And not by actual locusts of course but by sin and wordly things and selfish habits and things I hold on to from the past. It’s like, if you let the cutting locusts in, then the swarming locusts come so you give in to them, and then the hopping locusts get thier turn and finally the stripping locusts finish you off. Then there is nothing left. (locust references from Joel chapter 1 NLT)

But even after there is nothing left, the Lord can still restore. Even when you think you have done yourself in for good and not even God himself can help you, he will if you let him. If you give yourself to Him. If you turn to Him only. If you leave the world behind.

Will I do it? Will I turn to Him fully before the next army of locusts come for me? I want to. I really want to.

Maybe I’m way off on what the book really meant but that’s kinda where it hit me this time 🙂

I’m off to bed. I still have strange sinus issues going on. It’s migrated to the right side now.

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BRF Mark 1-12

Oh, hi! I almost forgot that I blog. Been awhile since I posted, eh? Time has been flying by. It’s a crazy life. Two kids is twice as hard as one…who knew? 🙂

Anyway, I have a few general thoughts on Mark. I meant to read the whole book this week but even with reading every day, I still only got through 12 chapters. I keep missing the end of the Gospels which is pretty much the best part. I’m going to try and get all the way through Luke next week. It’s probably my favorite of the Gospels because of the detailed account of the birth of the Savior.

Before I begin ( I know, just begin already Jenn) I want to tell you something important that I’ve been thinking about lately. I’ll try not to be too long winded 🙂

I was raised in a Christian home but didn’t get saved until I was 25. I talked the talk for awhile when I was younger and then just did whatever I wanted. The point is, I went to church every single Sunday until I was 16 and I still didn’t know until 6 years ago that the OT was the story of the Isrealites, God’s people, and not just a bunch of stories about floods, plagues, and pillars of salt. I also never knew that Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John were basically the same story written by different guys.

I know, crazy, eh?

So, I have vowed to myself that my girls will know the Bible, we will read to them and help them understand. I don’t want the same thing that happened to me, happen to them. People who have a firm grasp of the Word of God probably have a harder time straying away.

OK, thanks for letting me get that off my chest 🙂

Oh yeah, I was going to write some words about Mark and now I am running out of time. I will say that I ended up with some of the same questions I had while reading Matthew. Which leads me to believe that maybe there are more things we just aren’t supposed to know yet.

I love reading the accounts of Jesus healing so many people. I so would have loved to be there and witness such miracles right from the hands and mouth of Jesus. But there is also this little part of me that wonders if I would have been one who just couldn’t believe, who didn’t have enough faith. Sometimes I actually think it’s easier to believe now because people (like me) have seen such miraculous changes in thier lives without seeing an actual person. That doesn’t sound sensible but I imagine that maybe putting your faith in what appeared to be a regular person with magical powers might have been harder than trusting in the idea of a Holy and Glorious God.

I fear that made no sense. And now I am out of time.

If you stumbled here and are actually still reading after all the rambling then head over to Watch the Sky for more reviews that actually make sense.


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