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Is anyone else feelin’ all Christmasy?

It doesn’t take much to get the Christmas spirit flowing through me but I can tell you that the first time it snows, even a little, is pretty much a sure fire sign that I will get Christmas-itis.

And it only lightly flurried for about 20 minutes this morning but that’s ok, IT’S ON!

I need to go looking for some Christmas music and fast. I’m just not exactly sure where to look…the basement scares me. Not because it is scary in the traditional sense but because it is so disorganized that I’m slightly panicked that I may never find all my Christmas things.

And don’t yell at me becuase I know Christmas isn’t about the ‘things’ but you have to agree that the ‘things’ help one concentrate just a little more on feeling all jolly and merry.

Also, all the giving away of prizes and such. I’m trying not to waste too much time entering for things over at Rocks in my Dryers’s Giveaway Blog but there are lots of things I’d like to win. I won something last time so I’m hoping to win something again because most of all, getting something in the mail is exciting. Kind of like, you know, Christmas.

I’m still trying to decide if I want to do a giveaway. Wait, let me rephrase that. I want to do a giveaway, I just don’t know what to give away.

So, there is my random and Christmas-ish update to the blog which I very often neglect.

Have a great day.



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It flew away

Anyone remember this post about the bird? Well, I made it through the rest of the summer without hearing “that sound that no one likes to hear” but I didn’t make it through the fall.

I heard it while the girls were having snack. I knew what it was and I didn’t even want to look. But I of course I had to. Yup, there was a little bird on the ground. *Sigh*. Now, I had to hold it together for the sake of the children today but it was hard.

I decided to go assess the situation because regardless, I had to move it somewhere before I took the girls out to play. I grabbed the oven mitts and headed out. This time it was a little different. The bird seemed relaxed, not breathing as heavily as the last victim of our big picture window, and it’s eyes were open. I figured I’d go in and get a shoe box with a nice fluffy cloth and put it in there until I could figure out what was wrong with it.

I said my prayer to God. I figured there were one of three outcomes. It would die, it would have a broken wing and I would nurse it back to health (no really, I would), or it would fly away. I just wanted it to be clearcut.

Anyway, I set it in the box on the ground and went back in to get the girls ready to come out and play. When we got out, I checked on it and it looked pretty good. It was on it’s feet and wide awake but it still hadn’t flown anywhere. I thought maybe I’d tip the box on it’s side in case it wanted to run off to it’s friends or something. Just as I gently did this, it took off and flew to the nearest tree!! Horray!

I’m not sure you can understand how happy this made me. I don’t really know why my heart is all tender when it comes to animals but it is and I’ve accepted that. I was trying to wonder what this little bird was thinking as the big scary human was putting it in a box and then later taking it out of the box. I hope it knew I was trying to help it. I was pretty happy that God let this one go for me. I might be very thankful for the fact the He even looks out for little things like birds, I mean He created them, He must love them too, right? 

Ok, got that out of my system.

On to other things.

We’ve been having some major food battles around here with the 2 year old. We finally buckled down and decided that things needed to change and I would just like to report that it’s working! Horray! There are still times when she decides she wants to fight us at the dinner table but we’ve made a commitment to stick it out and make her stay until she has eaten what we say she should eat.

As a result,  not only is she cleaning her plate, she is trying new things! And not even with a bad attitude. Here are some of the new things she will now eat just within the last week that she wouldn’t even try before. Broccoli (yes, you read right, broccoli) chicken, cheese, and ham. This is good news. Now, if I can only get her sleeping again then everything will be right with our world.

Oh sleep, how I miss you.


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Book Review Friday – 1 Peter

Did I say I was going to do a book review this week? Oh yeah, I think I did. Like I said in my last post, it could be lame but I’ll give it a go because I really got alot out of this book. It met me right where I am. Funny about the Bible and that sort of thing, eh? It always seems to meet me where I am. And you too, I bet. Oh, if you have no idea what  book review friday is, click here and see!

Alright, Peter got started right away in saying things that made me think, Chapter 1:2 says (NLT): ” God the Father knew you and chose you long ago…” I just wanted to state that this has always bewildered me. Not that God chose long ago but that he chose ME long ago. I often wonder why but even though I struggle lots, I’m grateful. And if I really start thinking about it, I get all amazed. Like, imagine God sitting around choosing people and you and I made the list! How cool is that? If you happen to be reading this and you’re not a christian yet, that doesn’t necessarily mean God didn’t chose you, it just means you haven’t accepted his son yet 🙂

Then Peter says to them, “May God give you more and more grace and peace.” Yes, that’s what I hope for these days. Grace and peace. Seriously, if you have grace and peace, you have alot of what you need.

So verse 6 and 7 made me feel like I totally am failing the challenge. You know, Peter was talking to these people to encourage them most likely because they were being persecuted for their faith. I imagine that’s the trials he’s talking about. They probably endured horrible things. Yet, I bet they were pretty happy, especially after Peter reminded them of the promise of what is to come. So for me, I feel a little bad now because lately my trials (as petty as they seem compared to real actual trials) have caused my faith to waver. And since my faith is not remaining very strong, I feel like I am failing the test. Like I’m not “pure gold tested by the fire.”

1:13-16 is the section that hits me where it hurts, ” So think clearly and exercise self-control. Look forward to the gracious salvation that will come to you when Jesus Christ is revealed to the world. 14 So you must live as God’s obedient children. Don’t slip back into your old ways of living to satisfy your own desires. You didn’t know any better then.  15 But now you must be holy in everything you do, just as God who chose you is holy 16 For the Scriptures say, “You must be holy because I am holy.” I’ll just say this, Peter so new what he was talking about when he said, “You didn’t know any better then.” Man is that ever true and the more I think about it, the more it makes sense to me. Before I was saved five years ago, I did lots of stuff that was wrong and felt little or no remorse for it. But ever since I’ve been saved, I can’t get away with that stuff anymore. The guilt is rediculous. If you’ve been saved most of your life you might not understand the contrast. It’s crazy. All the sin I’m slipping back into lately is what is driving me mad. I remember how easy it was to be a sinner before I was saved. And now, because the Holy Spirit is in me, everything I do that is contrary to what God would have me do haunts me like you wouldn’t believe. But these past months, instead of changing it, I’m being more stubborn and trying not to care. FYI: It’s not working.

I don’t think I explained that very well but believe me, it was huge for me.

Chapter 2:1&2 ” So get rid of all evil behavior. Be done with all deceit, hypocrisy, jealousy, and all unkind speech. 2 Like newborn babies, you must crave pure spiritual milk so that you will grow into a full experience of salvation. Cry out for this nourishment, 3 now that you have had a taste of the Lord’s kindness.” Ahem. So this passage here tells me that I am doing the exact wrong things. Which I knew but nothing like a scriptural kick in the pants, eh? I’m not craving the pure spiritual milk. That’s a problem.

I got so much out of the first two chapters I’m going to quit here. My brain hurts and I need to go to bed. But don’t worry, I read and re-read the part about husbands and wives and since I basically have been doing the opposite of that, too, I’m not going to bore you with anymore details. Just know that I am convicted and have personalized most of 1st Peter just for me and basically forgot that he was writing to oh, you know, other people.

And this is why the Bible is for EVERYONE. Not just for the people from “Bible times.” It remains relevant from generation to generation.

Scared to see what Peter has for me in round 2 🙂


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New leaves in autumn

So if you’ve read here at all in the last month or so you might have noticed my struggle. It came to a point when I knew I had to change something but didn’t know how, or even have the strength to do it.

For me, saying it out loud (or typing it online in this case) helps me kinda remember that I’m having some major issues and they aren’t just hiding in my head anymore while I bury them in other things. They always resurface anyway so why not just start to deal with them? Oh, if it was only that easy for me.

But I will say that I feel focused and energized today. I’m sure, thanks in great part, to two good friends who tell it to me like it is when I ask. They have no idea how much that helps.

I realized lots of things that I either had been ignoring or I didn’t know before. So with their encouragement playing in my head, alot of prayer, and a new attitude, I’m having an ok day.

Praying has been hard for me lately but I also realized that I don’t have to sit there for hours to pray like I used to when my relationship with the Lord was strong and close. I have to learn to pray again. So my goal this weekend was to have small but frequent prayers for God to change my heart and for Him to make me want to change my attitude towards the people who see me all day. I found myself remembering to pray a little bit when I started to lose control or wanted to say something that I shouldn’t have. Now don’t get me wrong, I made plenty of mistakes this weekend but at least the reminder was there and a little spark that didn’t want to be that nasty girl anymore. That’s progress for me.

I’ll give you an example or two: My attitude about babysitting has not been good lately. So on those two days, my daughter doesn’t get the best of me and the little girl I look after wasn’t getting any of me. Both of my wise friends suggested that I quit watching her if Mike was ok with me quitting. If he wasn’t, then I had to find a way to do it cheerfully. So I brought it up to Mike a couple times this weekend and expressed my concerns to him and at no time did he give me permission to quit. He didn’t tell me that I couldn’t quit either. I know he wants me to have an income. So, I decided yesterday that until he is a-ok about me quitting, I will smarten up and cheerfully babysit a little girl that my daughter really enjoys playing with anyway. It doesn’t have to be that bad. It just means giving them more time with me and already today, it’s working. I’ll always need to remember to pray though because I’m pretty sure there are going to be lots of times I want to tuck myself into a corner and ignore her. What I need to remember is if I’m ignoring her, then I’m ignoring C as well and teaching her a horrible lesson. I don’t want that to happen.

Example #2: I might have mentioned before that Mike never makes his credit card payments on time and this ANNOYS ME TO THE HIGHEST HEAVENS. I had been getting some weird satisfaction every month by making him feel horrible about the fact that it’s always late and blah, blah, blah until we end up fighting about it. But you know what? That never worked. He still doesn’t seem to have the time to make a payment (I still don’t know why but I’m over it) So I decided to set up our bills online so I can be responsible for paying them. Then, if they don’t get paid. It’s on me. But, oh, I will pay those little guys, early and often!  Anyway, it’s a way I can help him and one less thing I have to be annoyed about. I’ll work on the other things little by little and figure out ways to make them less annoying to me.

So, if you’ve been praying for me, I’d like to thank you and report that God is listening and He’s working on me and I feel better. But don’t stop because I’m just beginning and I need LOADS of work to get back where I need to be.

And now you must sing my theme song out loud with me right where you are sitting. Come on, you can do it!

He’s still working on me

To make me what I ought to be

It took Him just a week to make the moon and the stars

The sun and the earth and jupiter and mars

How loving and patient he must be

He’s still working on me


Who knew that a song I sang on stage in church a few times as a child with my sister and a friend would be my theme song when I was 30.

Oh yes, I almost forgot, I’m committing myself to a review of 1st Peter this Friday. Even though it could be a lame review on my part, I’m gonna do it. I need to. If I say it here then I have to do it.


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Another post about what the 2 year old said

Mike was in the basement last night “organizing” things to put at the side of the road for junk day tomorrow. C was in the bath splashing away when we heard Mike sneeze a couple times from the dusty downstairs.

A few moments later C says, giggling, “Oh, Daddy’s blessing the basement!”

I guess if you say ‘bless you’ enough after sneezes, that’s what they become – blessings!


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A shameless plea for parenting advice

You know, sleep is important. And the less I get of the aforementioned sleep, the more I realize how important it is.

C is cutting two year molars. Some say that this process may cause some restlessness or sleeplessness and to ‘them’ I say, “Oh really?” WHY DON’T YA COME OVER FOR THE NIGHT AND SEE?

I have never experienced such a lack of sleep. Not even when she was a newborn. I totally think she slept way more than this. The past two weeks have been  – well, really crappy.

She usually goes to bed ok and falls asleep rather quickly but somewhere between 11:30pm and 12:30am she wakes up and stays awake for about, oh, THREE OR MORE HOURS. And since our big girl is in a big girl bed, she feels free to come into our room to keep us awake. Numerous trips back to her bed throughout the night usually end in alot of crying and screaming, and then she just gets upset too. I joke, but seriously. The three hours usually ends with me FINALLY giving up and letting her in our bed which wouldn’t be so bad to begin with if she would get in our bed and just go back to sleep.

Oh no, that would be too easy.

She has a fidget problem which is probably what ‘they’ mean by restlessness. She kicks and flings and pokes and turns until I am bruised and annoyed. I tried going to the spare room the other night. She found me. I tried pushing her closer to her father. She wiggled back. I tried reasoning with her. She doesn’t reason well at this age.

So, my question to you is; What do I do with this sleepless, fidgety toddler?

In all seriousness, I am at the end of my rope. I’m so exhausted I can’t function during the day. I’m forgetting things I’m supposed to do for people but most of all I am CRANKY and nobody likes living with that.

My fear is that even when the teething is over, this will be the new trend. I know my daughter and I know she will fight this battle for as long as she wants. Could be a couple weeks, months, or even years. I’m scared.

The comments are open to you. Or feel free to email me.

Thank you in advance for your wisdom 🙂


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