Book Review Friday – Summer Psalms

This week we read through chapters 22-28. I even read them on the correct days this time. Woot! And it was a busy week so I feel like it’s a small victory 🙂

Ok, lets get started. Chapter 22 v 2-3 talks about how there were times when David called to the Lord and he did not answer and he found no relief but then David says, “Yet you are Holy.” This was a great reminder for me that even when I feel like God is forgetting about me and I get all wrapped up in myself HE IS STILL HOLY and will always be holy way more than I will ever understand here on Earth. It’s a humbling thought. He is a constant when everything down here that gets in the way are variables.

Psalm 23 is one of those passages of scripture that become so familiar sometimes that we don’t focus on what it’s really saying. At least for me anyway. So I really tried to see some things in here that I haven’t before. And what I learned was a whole lot of things about who God is which is sort of how this study began when shannon had the idea. There are six verses here and at least 14 attributes of God. Here’s a list and I probably missed some:

  • provides needs
  • gives rest
  • gives peace
  • renews strength
  • guides me
  • stays close in bad situations
  • protects
  • comforts
  • welcomes me
  • gives us overflowing blessings
  • goodness
  • unfailing love
  • He lets me live in his house forever

I’m sure there’s more. What a great God we have!

Chapter 24:1 “The Earth is the Lords and everything in it. the world and all its people belong to Him.” I like this verse simply because it helps me keep prespective of why we’re here. Again, when everything else seems to get in the way, remembering this brings me back to my purpose here. I wish I could play that over in my head all day and never forget it. Then maybe I would stop trying to get control of everything.

Ok, chapter 25 I wrote down verses 7, 11, and 18 which are all David asking for forgiveness. And then I wrote in my notes that I don’t know why I find these significant. A pattern? Something to learn from David? From God? About me?

Yeah I still don’t know, just thought I’d share that with ya 🙂

Chapter 26:1-3 “Declare me innocent, O Lord, for I have acted with integrity. I have trusted in the Lord without wavering. Put me on trial, Lord, and cross examine me, test my motives and affections. For I am constantly aware of your unfailing love, and have lived according to your truth.”

v12 “I have taken a stand and I will publicly praise the Lord.”

After I read that I said to myself, “I want to be able to say all that and mean it!” and then it occured to me that it would make a good prayer. So I’m going to pray it and work towards those things.

In my little journal note taking book, there are verses printed at the bottom of each page. The page with my notes for chapter 27 just so happens to have Psalm 27:1 at the bottom. And it just so happens to be a popular verse about not being afraid which is something I just so happen to struggle with. Hmmm, coincidence? I think not 🙂

And then there was verse 8 “My heart has heard you say, ‘Come and talk with me.’ and my heart responds, ‘Lord, I am coming.'” which made my heart feel all warm and happy inside. Like a little tender moment with God.

Ok, I think I have taken up enough of your time. I liked this weeks study alot and I’m looking forward to out next batch of Psalms. I’m learning lots about God and David and myself. This is good…very good. Why don’t you join in? Check. it. out. You won’t ever regret getting to know your God better.

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An update, an anniversary, and some pictures

So the Shredding, it is hard. I’ve done the workout a couple of times and have needed a day or so to recover. But today is better than saturday was. Merciful heavens I had a hard time walking after the first workout on Friday. I took the weekend off because, lets face it, no one wants to work out on the weekend and it’s not like I could move anyway so it all ‘worked out’ in the end. Hahahaha.

I started up again yesterday and don’t feel nearly as sore so that’s a good sign, right? yes, yes it is. I should do it today too…I think I might have talked myself out of it on account of it being my anniversary and all. That’s a good excuse.

Eight years ago today we got hitched but we’d been together for seven years before that. Ah, high school sweethearts. We pretty much did all our growing up together and I can’t imagine having gone through all those years without him!

Here we are all those 15 years ago…how times (and appearances) have changed.


I like to laugh at my bushy eyebrows and at the fact that Mike has no facial hair. He’s a goatee man now and has been for quite a few years.

So we’re going to celebrate in fine style…at a ball park while I play and he watches the girls. And then tomorrow more family fun as he has the day off so we’ll take the girls to the airshow in greenwood and see the snowbirds. Who knows, maybe we’ll get dinner out by oursleves sometime. Maybe not. We’ll see.

Also, I want to win a free CD so I’m linking this: If you want a chance to win Travis Cottrell’s new CD go to Boomama’s blog and enter yourself.

Here are some pictures of some fun times we had on the weekend with friends:


Here’s my Big Girl and my friends little guy hanging out on the farm.


My Little Girl hangs out with her Daddy and watches all the activity.

I guess that about covers it for now. I’ll be checking in occasionally and for sure on Friday because I’m committing myself to a review since I fell off the wagon last week.


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So lately I’ve just been using this blog to be accountable for my spiritual well being by participating in Book Review Friday. And that’s great, my relationship with the Lord is what holds everything else in place so I need to be accountable in many ways to Him and the blog is just one that helps keep me on track.

But I know myself and I know that if I’m not physically well (as in being in good shape) then I have a hard time being mentally well and all the things that go along with that.

So, I’m taking action.

I don’t have as much time to go play team sports (I’m still playing softball but that’s not much exercise) which is my therapy of choice, or go to the gym but one can work out at home and get the same results and maybe even better ones.

I like reality shows, oh yes I do, and one of my faves is The Biggest Loser. if you’ve never seen it, it’s where really big people go to a ranch and have awesome trainers and learn to work out and eat right all the while completing challenges for money or prizes (typical reality tv). Anyway, one of the trainers is named Jillian and she has various work out videos but I’ve heard alot about the 30 Day Shred dvd that she has out. So, I ordered it from Amazon and it came yesterday.

This morning Chloe and I did the first day while Sadie took her morning nap (which she is still taking).

Oh. My. Word.

Well, I learned that I am WAY out of shape and currently my muscles are all kinda like jelly and I also think buying 3 lb hand weights may have been a little too heavy at this point.

BUT, I feel good knowing I got through day one. Now, the challenge will be day 2 seeing as I think my body will reject that idea 🙂 

For the record: Weight – 149 lbs (which is too much for my little 5’3″ frame)

I’ll keep you posted and don’t be afraid to ask me if I did my work out today because that’s all a part of being accountable!

Speaking of accountability, I did a poor job of reading my Psalms this week but I’ll try to get something together later after I get chance to read them all.


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BRF – Summer Psalms 7-14

How the heck do Fridays get here so fast? What a busy day it was. I feel like I do nothing and then all of a sudden the day is over and there are still things on my list. Anyway, I know you all feel the same way so I won’t waste time telling you about it.

And, like all of you, I’m death tired so I’m only going to write about one thing that made me take lots of notice this week and hopefully forever.

Chapter 13 v 2 says: ” How long must I struggle with anguish in my soul, with sorrow in my heart everyday?”

So maybe I’ve felt like that alot over the last few years. I won’t bother going into the many reasons that I struggle because I’m learning that we all have struggles and whatever they are, they’re hard for us at the time. But the other thing I’m learning (and what hit me this week in the reading) is that how you respond to these feelings is what makes the difference, I think. I’m saying ‘I think’ because I’m just starting to try it but it’s in the Bible so I bet it works 🙂

Here’s my point; I have one, I promise.

I believe verse 5 gives the answer: “but I trust in your unfailing love. I will rejoice because you have rescued me. I will sing to the Lord because he has been so good to me.”

And here’s exactly what I wrote in my journal after I read that: Yup, press on anyway. Trust, rejoice, sing because HE is good.

So my theory is, no matter what is going on in my head, heart, life, I MUST trust Him, I MUST rejoice regardless, and I MUST sing because he is GOOD and I am NOT.

Doing just that will be the hard part.


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Book Review Friday – Summer Psalms

What? I still have a blog? Not so faithful with the blogging these days but BRF is a great reason to start up again! If you stumbled here and don’t know what BRF is, jump over to Watch the Sky and check it all out. It’s eternally worth it 🙂

So, this week we started Psalms with the hope to get to know God better. We read, studied, prayed over, and took notes on Psalms 1-7. I’ll just share a few thoughts I had with you. I’m out of practice with the reviewing portion but I’ll try to make a little sense anyway.

Chapter 1 v 3 talks about a tree bearing fruit each season without fail which made me think that I probably don’t bear much fruit and my leaves are kinda withering…hmmm, not good.

Chapter 2 v 2 seemed to be a verse that could have been written in 2009 when is says that “ the kings of the Earth prepare for battle, the rulers plot together against The Lord and against his annointed one.” It seems the world all around us is working to move away from God and the things the Bible teaches to make way for an ‘anything goes’ attitude. Scary planet we live on! But it’s a good reminder as things progress that time is short, Jesus is coming! I need to be ready, you need to be ready. I’ve been thinking alot about that lately. I have a lot to do to feel ready and that makes me feel panicky. Everything stresses me out 🙂

But I suppose if I did as v 11 says and “serve the Lord with reverant fear” then “what joy for all who find pretection in him!” because I know for a fact that joy is way better than the worry, fear, and anger that I let myself live with all too often.

Chapter 3v3 is one of my favorite all time verses, “But you, O Lord, are a shield around me, my glory, and the one who lifts my head high” This verse is also in a song I know and love by Starfield. Maybe I’ll try and find it to link here. It’s a gooder.

v 5 is also a fave, “I lay down and slept. I woke up in safety, for the Lord was watching over me.” So it’s no secret that I’m an anxious person, I’ll be the first to admit that. This verse is comforting because it helps me remember that no matter how freaked out I am over something dumb when I go to bed at night, I just pray and the God of the universe is my protector. How cool is that? He is faithful and I always wake up feeling refreshed and protected if I bring my worries to Him before I sleep.

I might have been a little worried and bordered on obsessive at the beginning of the week when the media was freaking out about swine flu. But ya know what? Reading Psalms this week helped because I had this overwhelming reassurance that The God of the universe, our God, is in control over everything that happens…and that, my friends, is comforting.

This is getting a little lengthy, my back is killing me, and I had tonnes of notes for the rest of the chapters and I’m thinking you are probably bored 🙂 So, trust me, this was a great way to end April and start May and I’ll be continuing on in the reading and giving some tidbits of what I learned each week.

Horray for BRF being back!


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Or is it tail?

Anyway, this morning, as I was gathering C from her sunday school class, she showed me her Snow White eraser that she got from the prize box. I asked her if she got it for being a good girl in class. And of course she said yes.

But it never hurts to check with the teacher once in awhile. So as C ran off to find Daddy I asked Mrs. D if she was having any problems with my girl or if she was indeed being good.

Mrs D said, “Oh she’s great! She sits still and doesn’t bounce around as much as the others.” (really, MY kid? how can I get her to be like that at home?)

Then she said, “yes, she’s funny because sometimes she’ll say, “Mrs. D, can we sing that song again Charlotte wasn’t clapping” or “Mrs. D, can we pray again because Jessica had her eyes open” ”

Oh great, she’s the kid with her eyes open telling on the other kids for having thier eyes open.

Then at lunch today we gave her a piece of egg to try (see post below for a brief explanation of food issues) and she promptly told us that eggs were for energetic people and she was NOT energetic.

“What does energetic mean, C? ”

“It means big people and I’m not big.”

Nice try, eat your egg.


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I feel like a big meanie

O heavenly day my oldest child is stubborn beyond her 3.5 years. C is a picky eater. PICKY. I wish I knew how that happened so we can avoid that scenario with baby S.

Last week we started The New Supper Rule. This rule states that C must try at least one bite of whatever we are having for supper before she is allowed to leave the table. The Rule also states that if she does not eat all of what she is given of the “the new thing” (and believe me, it isn’t much) that she will not get anything else and no bedtime snack. I figured after a few suppers of her not eating more than a bite that she would get hungry in the evenings and figure it out.

We’re not there yet.

 I had gotten in a really bad rut of making her things she likes in hopes that one day she would randomly decide to eat other foods.

Oh how I was mistaken.

And I’m even nice most suppers. I try and have at least one thing I know she likes at most meals. Tonight we had Spaghetti and my own version of bruschetta. I knew she didn’t love either of these. It didn’t go well at all. She wouldn’t take a bite. Usually she cries and whines and then eventually takes one bite. Nope, not tonight. she got sent to bed at 6:00pm.

I feel kinda mean. Am I mean? I don’t know what else to do. She knows there is a reward if she eats what she is given and we are all over her with praise when she does take the one bite.

The other night we had chicken pizza. Normally she will only eat the pizza if everything has been taken off. But she ate the pizza with stuff on it! and there was no protest! And no crying! And she got  big bowl of ice cream for dessert.

I thought we had turned a corner.

No corner has been turned, unless there is chicken pizza on the other side 🙂

Any thoughts?


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Not functioning at full capacity

Heavens, I am tired today. Baby S has had a very bad cold for over a week now and it’s done worn me out too. She coughs all night. Poor little thing. And poor me because I like sleep and I miss it 🙂

I wanted to blog about lots of things. I wanted to also post a review but I can’t seem to formulate a good thought about anything. When you don’t blog in so long, where exacty do you start again?

Here’s some pictures. Everyone loves pictures, right?


There’s my girls. Aren’t they cute?

The big one has said so many hilarious and unexpected thing lately that I want to write down but never do. Like the day she said, “Mommy, I  love you but you aren’t a good mommy to me yet.” So of course I asked her what I needed to do to be a good mommy and she said that I needed to teach her the right words to say.

Ok, I’ll try.

She’s a barrel of laughs most of the time and she loves her baby sister. it’s very sweet.


I am going to try for a review of psalms 13-17 later. I really am. For other reviews, go to watch the sky and see what it’s all about.


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Book review Friday – Joel

Well, it’s been a week here that’s for sure. Good Christmasy times with family made the time fly. I can’t believe it’s Saurday already. Today was crazy as Mike woke up, stretched, and injured his neck. So much so that he almost passed out and I had to call my dad to help me get him up off the floor. A trip to out patients reveals it is just a pulled muscle and he is off the floor and feeling ok. He can’t really do anything though which makes my day a little busier 🙂 But I’m glad it doesn’t seem to be serious. It made me realize how much he does around here though when I have to add those things to my list!

Ok, on to Joel. I kind of took this book personally. When I read it the first time, I was all, “Locusts, blah, blah, blah..restrotation, yay! The Lord is good. Nice book”  But as I continued to read, it felt personal. Like it was me who was being destroyed by locusts only slower. And not by actual locusts of course but by sin and wordly things and selfish habits and things I hold on to from the past. It’s like, if you let the cutting locusts in, then the swarming locusts come so you give in to them, and then the hopping locusts get thier turn and finally the stripping locusts finish you off. Then there is nothing left. (locust references from Joel chapter 1 NLT)

But even after there is nothing left, the Lord can still restore. Even when you think you have done yourself in for good and not even God himself can help you, he will if you let him. If you give yourself to Him. If you turn to Him only. If you leave the world behind.

Will I do it? Will I turn to Him fully before the next army of locusts come for me? I want to. I really want to.

Maybe I’m way off on what the book really meant but that’s kinda where it hit me this time 🙂

I’m off to bed. I still have strange sinus issues going on. It’s migrated to the right side now.

Why don’t you join in the fun? You won’t regret it. You will never regret getting the know God’s word better. Click here for more info.


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BRF Mark 1-12

Oh, hi! I almost forgot that I blog. Been awhile since I posted, eh? Time has been flying by. It’s a crazy life. Two kids is twice as hard as one…who knew? 🙂

Anyway, I have a few general thoughts on Mark. I meant to read the whole book this week but even with reading every day, I still only got through 12 chapters. I keep missing the end of the Gospels which is pretty much the best part. I’m going to try and get all the way through Luke next week. It’s probably my favorite of the Gospels because of the detailed account of the birth of the Savior.

Before I begin ( I know, just begin already Jenn) I want to tell you something important that I’ve been thinking about lately. I’ll try not to be too long winded 🙂

I was raised in a Christian home but didn’t get saved until I was 25. I talked the talk for awhile when I was younger and then just did whatever I wanted. The point is, I went to church every single Sunday until I was 16 and I still didn’t know until 6 years ago that the OT was the story of the Isrealites, God’s people, and not just a bunch of stories about floods, plagues, and pillars of salt. I also never knew that Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John were basically the same story written by different guys.

I know, crazy, eh?

So, I have vowed to myself that my girls will know the Bible, we will read to them and help them understand. I don’t want the same thing that happened to me, happen to them. People who have a firm grasp of the Word of God probably have a harder time straying away.

OK, thanks for letting me get that off my chest 🙂

Oh yeah, I was going to write some words about Mark and now I am running out of time. I will say that I ended up with some of the same questions I had while reading Matthew. Which leads me to believe that maybe there are more things we just aren’t supposed to know yet.

I love reading the accounts of Jesus healing so many people. I so would have loved to be there and witness such miracles right from the hands and mouth of Jesus. But there is also this little part of me that wonders if I would have been one who just couldn’t believe, who didn’t have enough faith. Sometimes I actually think it’s easier to believe now because people (like me) have seen such miraculous changes in thier lives without seeing an actual person. That doesn’t sound sensible but I imagine that maybe putting your faith in what appeared to be a regular person with magical powers might have been harder than trusting in the idea of a Holy and Glorious God.

I fear that made no sense. And now I am out of time.

If you stumbled here and are actually still reading after all the rambling then head over to Watch the Sky for more reviews that actually make sense.


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