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I’m not usually a fan of poodles…but I think I’ll make and exception for this one 🙂



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Let’s play "guess what Jenn had for lunch today"

Answer: Fruit Loops, Pringles and Chocolate milk

These are events I should not admit to but these three little letters make me do strange things: P.M.S. Evil PMS too. It’s one of those days.

Don’t worry, I fed the children a healthy lunch…but not with a smile. I’m glad they are sleeping because I needed to re-group. Hopefully I can be more pleasant when they wake up. The tone of the house was set by me this morning and it’s not their fault they followed right along. I’m going to have to do fun things with them this afternoon to keep them entertained and myself distracted.

I have to try and smarten up before my parents arrive for supper. *Sigh*


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A Shiny Red Wagon

I thought about using some of my new hard earned wages at Walmart on Saturday to buy this:
I know, I know, yard sale season is only a month or two away but sometimes I really want to load ’em up and strap ’em down and walk while they look at the sights of our fair town. The children in this wagon sure look happy and I’m sure mine and the ones I babysit would be happy too. But, why spend 60 bucks when I know I’ll find one (less shiny of course) for 10 bucks or less at a yard sale? Sometimes being sensible is annoying. So for now I will have to be content with the backyard. Which, I might add, is a welcome distraction from the living room. Especially when my nice neighbour and her children are outside 🙂

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Handbag photo tag

Adventures in Babywearing is hosting a photo tag. I like to check them out on Mondays but I’ve never posted one before. Since I am SO NOT a purse person, I decided to play along because the bag I have now is the only one I’ve owned that I’ve used longer than a couple weeks before I decided it was not cool anymore. I think this one’s cool 🙂 I don’t always carry it since I am usually bringing along a diaper bag for Chloe but it’s a handy little bag with cool stripes. What’s not to like? So, chicks that read my blog, I know some of you have nice handbags you want to show off so play along, eh? Or not, whatev. Good times in the Maritimes…


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This ones for Michelle (but you can read it too)

For the benefit of the one reader I have that doesn’t know me (hey Alli), Michelle is my sister. She got thrown off her horse again. The new horse…the calm horse. I guess he got spooked and down she went. Seven months ago she broke her left hand when her other horse threw her…this time her right hand, not to mention a broken rib and a possible bruised kidney. She feels sort of embarrased (michelle if you’re reading this, don’t be mad) I mean, seasoned riders don’t get thrown this often. She’s been riding since she was…I don’t know, like 10 or something? Her odds of getting struck by lightning should have been better than breaking another bone from a horse fall.

When we were talking on the phone the night it happened, she wondered why it happened again and although I don’t have a clue how or why this happened again, I said something, that after I said it, may have been for me to hear as well. I told her that there is a reason for everything. Even the not-so-good stuff that happens, it’s still in God’s hands. I’ve been thinking about that alot since I said it. Not that I think it was brilliant or anything. I mean, it’s a pretty routine statement but I payed attention to it whether she did or not 🙂 I guess it is a good reminder that goes along with the Bible reading I’ve been doing for BRF. In all the information and instruction that God gives us, He also always reminds us that HE is in control…that’s why we don’t have to worry so much about the things we can’t control. Which is a big issue for me. Control Freak is my first, middle, and last name.

Anyway, that’s my thought of the day as I wish my lil sis a speedy recovery.

*note: these are the things only Michelle will understand:
“How many Sundays has it been now?”
“It’s just like babysitting, eventually it will be over”
“happy, happy. Joy, joy.”
“I’ll just leave you a note in the trailer and mom will never know I went to the party.”
“Seeeeeeeee my vest, see my vest, made of real gorilla chest…”

There’s prolly a million more I am forgetting but don’t ya wish sometimes that we could lock ourselves in your room (because yours was bigger) and play crazy eights and sing to the music at the top of our lungs? Sometimes I do…if only for an hour or so.

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Playing outside is fun

Well it’s finally warm and dry enough so that we can play outside! Chloe is old enough now to negotiate the lumps in the yard and not trip every five seconds 🙂 Here she is proudly holding onto a golf ball that she found. “Galf,” she says.

She looks so little in her layers of purple and pink…that probably has something to do with the fact that she IS indeed short. Apparently she is in the 50th percentile for her size at this age. Oh well, that’s no surprise to me.

I’m going to try and get my review up later today or this evening.


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Quotes of the day

1. “I would hate for Smudge to miss out on getting spayed because I needed to pop out a baby.” -Erin

2. “Mommy. Mats and boobee” -Chloe (translation = Max and Ruby) (sorry if that was shocking to some if you:)

I’m sure there were more but I can’t remember any of the good ones that the two almost-three-year-olds said…there was alot of, “she took my – ” and “can I have that now?” and lots of pushing and pinching. But it really wasn’t that bad of a day. I guess if you expect the worst than anything else is better 🙂

Why is it that the second I put play-doh in front of Chloe she tried to take a bite? And if I were to hand her a bite of broccoli she would turn her nose up and say “done” before she even smelled it?


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