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Erin did indeed have a baby…and other things

For the two of you who don’t already know, Erin had her baby yesterday and it’s a girl! I totally thought she was going to have a boy but I don’t know why anyone would listen to me, I don’t think I’ve been right about anyone’s baby. Ever.

Anyway, mom and baby are doing well. She is CUTE and I can’t wait to meet her when they come home at the end of September.

On to other things, Book Review Friday is starting up again and you should SO join in. Shannon does a great job of keeping us accountable and this time we get to use pens and cute notebooks of our choosing! We just started today but you can jump in any time so go on over to her blog NOW and hook up with us. You will NOT be sorry. No you won’t.

And now I shall begin preparations for my daughters third birthday party tomorrow. THIRD BIRTHDAY! Can you believe that? Nope, me niether.

We stopped into the mall this morning for a few minutes and as we were walking by the jewelry store, C decided she wanted to “look at all the beautiful jewelry”. What’s the harm, she can’t touch anything. So we looked and the sales lady came over to chat with C. They had a nice little talk about sparkly things and as we were leaving the lady said, “Bye sweetie!” and C said right back to her, “Bye sweetie!”

It made me giggle a little 🙂



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Ok, possibly I was wrong

Well, first I must apologize to Anne for posting a random picture of her without realizing it. Not that it was a bad picture, she is quite the swimmer. In my defense, even one of thier sisters thought it could be Erin, it could be Anne…the only reason I believe Erin that it isn’t her is because she has the rest of the pics (which she emailed me) from that day in the pool that she took of Anne and I really did come to see that it was her and not Erin. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have believed her. Really, all the sisters look a like at some points so back off.

But wasn’t that fun? Yes, it was. So just to clear things up, I shall post an actual picture of Erin in honour of the day she is getting induced:

She just loves lobster.

But my question is, how did I get that picture of Anne swimming? Obviously it was Erin’s since she has the rest. I remember scanning a bunch of photos so I must have had that pic in my stash. Maybe I stole it thinking it was Erin. Even funnier.

Alright, now that the “mystery” is solved I’m gonna eat some breakfast…C is already eating hers and it’s making me hungry.


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Random things, now, with pictures!

At the beginning of the summer, Mike’s parents gave us an 89 Honda. Well, it was very appreciated but didn’t pass MVI at the end of June so there it sat. We decided not to get it fixed because we knew that Mike’s grammy was planning on giving him her 1981 Nissan Datsun. Yes, I said ’81. I’m sure that was a great year but me being four and all, I don’t remember much about it.

Anway, this car was purchased in California and made the trip to Canada when Grammy C moved back here. Since then, she didn’t drive it much. It’s never been driven in the winter. NEVER. Which means there is barely a spot of rust on it, it’s not seen a salt covered highway.

It just passed it’s MVI with flying colors. All it needed was a new battery. So, we graciously accepted her gift. All we had to do it buy a special tether anchor for the car seat and it’s good to go. Since I know you are dying to see what a 1981 Datsun looks like, here she is. I like to call her Butterscotch:

Yup, she’s a bee-ute!

Ok, on to the next thing. Our dear friend Mrs. B promised on Sunday to bring C something delicious. Well, she did not disappoint with a cute little box of chocolates. But, as an added bonus, she brought C some very fancy jewelry to play with as well. She was thrilled. Thrilled I tell you. Here are some shots of her in all her be-jewelled glory:

"I look great!" (she actually said that repeatedly while looking in the mirror)

In that top shot of her, she is actually saying into the mirror, “I look great!”

So the next thing is that I am patiently waiting for my dear friend Toots to have her baby already. She is over due. Hurry up. I don’t have a picture to post of her…well, I do but not one of her pregnant and she would prolly get mad if I just posted a randm one…but, what the heck, it’s my blog. Here’s a wonderful photo of Ewok for your viewing pleasure.

She loves me and will NOT likely post any pictures of me on her blog because that would be vengeful. I don’t think God would like that 🙂 (I’m so totally asking for it, aren’t I?)

Alright, I’ve had enough fun with pictures today and should probably stop wasting all my time while C “rests.”

Thank you and please come again.


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Getting back in shape

Yesterday my curious daughter and I were sitting out side on the front lawn. Well, she was playing,  I was doing most of the sitting. Then she says, “Mommy, can we play run and chase?” Of course, I’m not running and chasing anything these days so I told her mommy was too heavy and big to run around and I promised her that after the baby was born, and I got back in shape that I would be much more fun to play with.

She paused. Then she looked me right in the eye with all seriousness and said, “Back in shape? Like, which shape? A Triangle?”

Well, I hope I don’t look like a triangle when I get back in shape but I guess it stands to reason that it could be a triangle if I no longer look like a circle all the way around.

What a kid 🙂

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Placenta update :)

Never fear, the placenta has moved to it’s proper location and eveything seems hunky-dorey in that area. Phew, I know you were all as worried as I was.

Ok, bye.

Just kidding…

Yes, it is still a girl in there. I figured as much but I feel more confident now that it’s ok to paint that horrible yellow room a nicer girly color.

We told C she was going to have a sister and she said, “No. Boy.” Uh, sorry hun, we don’t get to decide this one. She reasoned that her cousins were girls and she wanted a boy. Nice try, talk to God about that one.

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know so you could quit worrying about placenta placement and have a good sleep tonight.

PS: we have NO idea what to name this little girl. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Today = 34 weeks and ultrasound #2

Feels like yeterday that I posted about my ultrasound and the fact that it was some what inconclusive. Well, that was like 14 weeks ago! where does the time go?

Usually, round these parts, you only get one look at the baby unless there is some reason to look again and apparently I had a slightly low lying placenta at that time of which they wanted to make sure has risen to it’s proper spot. Good, I’m all for making sure my placenta is in the right spot.


Hopefully we’ll get a better look at who’s in there. I’m still pretty sure that since the Dr guessed girl last time that it probably is but I can’t seem to shake the feeling that it might be a boy. Either way, I’ll be happy as long as everything is ok.

I’ll check back later if my computer is still working and let y’all know what we saw. I’m sure you’re dying to hear about the position of my placenta 🙂


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Old friends

well, not OLD in the sense that they are old…because they aren’t. If they are, then so am I. I’ve known these girls since the 10th grade though and for those of you who are counting, that’s about 16 years. Two of them live away and happen to be home for summer vacation at the same time. Cool.

On Tuesday we gathered all our children together, and again, for those of you counting, that’s 10 kids between 5 couples with two more kids on the way currently. Wow, who knew we would reproduce like that? It’s funny when I think about it. Trying to remember back when we were in high school and imagining what it would be like to be grown up. I don’t think any of us knew what it REALLY is like to be grown up. It’s much harder, but also much more rewarding when you have children. I also don’t know if we imagined that we would keep in touch this well either. I’m not as close to all of them as I used to be but I love that they still include me and that we do all keep updated with eachother. Facebook makes that a little easier these days. I like that our kids are friends and remember each other even though we only hang out twice a year. It’s fun.

Last night we went out WITHOUT our children! To a place that doesn’t sell chicken nuggets, hot dogs, or grilled cheese sandwiches. Imagine that! We ate delicious food that did not include french fries and talked about old times and, of course, talked about our children alot. Mike and I had a great time. We don’t get out too often without C and once in awhile it’s kinda nice. I’m gonna assume that it won’t happen again for a while with a new baby coming so I’m glad we decided to go.

Seven’s daughter babysat for us for the first time and she did a great job. I hope C was good to her! C told me this morning that she wet her pants…great. But Seven’s daughter has younger brothers and has probably dealt with such issues before. The sweet babysitter even did the few dishes that were in my sink. Bonus points for sure 🙂 If we ever go out again, we’ll call her.

Anyway, I hope we get to see the two “far-away” friends before they head back home but if not, it was really great to spend time with them and see how big their kids have gotten.

And now I feel old.

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