So lately I’ve just been using this blog to be accountable for my spiritual well being by participating in Book Review Friday. And that’s great, my relationship with the Lord is what holds everything else in place so I need to be accountable in many ways to Him and the blog is just one that helps keep me on track.

But I know myself and I know that if I’m not physically well (as in being in good shape) then I have a hard time being mentally well and all the things that go along with that.

So, I’m taking action.

I don’t have as much time to go play team sports (I’m still playing softball but that’s not much exercise) which is my therapy of choice, or go to the gym but one can work out at home and get the same results and maybe even better ones.

I like reality shows, oh yes I do, and one of my faves is The Biggest Loser. if you’ve never seen it, it’s where really big people go to a ranch and have awesome trainers and learn to work out and eat right all the while completing challenges for money or prizes (typical reality tv). Anyway, one of the trainers is named Jillian and she has various work out videos but I’ve heard alot about the 30 Day Shred dvd that she has out. So, I ordered it from Amazon and it came yesterday.

This morning Chloe and I did the first day while Sadie took her morning nap (which she is still taking).

Oh. My. Word.

Well, I learned that I am WAY out of shape and currently my muscles are all kinda like jelly and I also think buying 3 lb hand weights may have been a little too heavy at this point.

BUT, I feel good knowing I got through day one. Now, the challenge will be day 2 seeing as I think my body will reject that idea 🙂 

For the record: Weight – 149 lbs (which is too much for my little 5’3″ frame)

I’ll keep you posted and don’t be afraid to ask me if I did my work out today because that’s all a part of being accountable!

Speaking of accountability, I did a poor job of reading my Psalms this week but I’ll try to get something together later after I get chance to read them all.



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3 responses to “Accountability

  1. Kim

    Good for you Jenn! I’ve been hearing lots about the 30 day shred. I really don’t think I could do it–although I certainly need to, but I’m just not disciplined enough. Okay time to be honest–I’m just too lazy. 😦 I played soccer last night with Ray and the kids. I can hardly move today. That’s pathetic!

  2. good for you…working out is hard because let’s be honest, being lazy is way more easy!

    we got the wii fit, and it’s a good workout, but nothing like the shred is probably! my muscles are definately getting more toned, but the fat is still sitting quite content on top 🙂

  3. watchthesky

    I never thought you needed to lose. I don’t care about numbers on the scale, I think you look great. Seriously.

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