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Or is it tail?

Anyway, this morning, as I was gathering C from her sunday school class, she showed me her Snow White eraser that she got from the prize box. I asked her if she got it for being a good girl in class. And of course she said yes.

But it never hurts to check with the teacher once in awhile. So as C ran off to find Daddy I asked Mrs. D if she was having any problems with my girl or if she was indeed being good.

Mrs D said, “Oh she’s great! She sits still and doesn’t bounce around as much as the others.” (really, MY kid? how can I get her to be like that at home?)

Then she said, “yes, she’s funny because sometimes she’ll say, “Mrs. D, can we sing that song again Charlotte wasn’t clapping” or “Mrs. D, can we pray again because Jessica had her eyes open” ”

Oh great, she’s the kid with her eyes open telling on the other kids for having┬áthier eyes open.

Then at lunch today we gave her a piece of egg to try (see post below for a brief explanation of food issues) and she promptly told us that eggs were for energetic people and she was NOT energetic.

“What does energetic mean, C? ”

“It means big people and I’m not big.”

Nice try, eat your egg.



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