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I think I pretty much failed the dinner challenge…

I think I pretty much failed the dinner challenge. Here’s why:

Table – not set up, no room in small apartment
Table cloth – packed in storage
Nice dishes – storage
Napkins – Christmas 🙂

But I decided to be a trooper and work with what I had. This would have been fine if I had not lost my patience at dinner time. Ok, so in the picture you can see that I got Mike to put the table top (which resides behind the couch for the time being) on the floor because I thought I could set that and have a nice dinner on the floor (I was being creative and fun, so I thought). I did set the table top with what I could find, which as you can tell was nothing fancy. You may also be able to see to the left of the picture our daughter’s mad red face as she strains to be let out of her booster seat she was strapped into. It was about 5 mintues later that she was running free, the table was un-set, and we had plates on our laps because my idea of a nice dinner did not include listening to a 17 month old scream while we eat. Here’s the good news. We did not…I repeat, did NOT turn on the tv!! Good for us! So it wasn’t a total failure I guess 🙂 She must be too young to appreciate the “special-ness” of a family dinner at the table. We’ll have to work on that.



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I will be posting my results of Charmin’s Challeng…

I will be posting my results of Charmin’s Challenge after dinner tonight. I procrastinated it as long as I possibly could 🙂 Not really on purpose, it just happened that way.

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Hamburger… That’s Chloe’s new word. She’s 17 mo…


That’s Chloe’s new word. She’s 17 months old and the other day she came out with hamburger…well, it sounds sort of british…Hambugah…but there’s no mistaken what she said. Now she says it all the time. Are 17 month olds supposed to say 3 syllable words that well? She also has a very good version of calculator. You probably wouldn’t recognize it but it’s coming along. I’ll try not to push her though, she’ s only little 🙂 Children are amazing. Why didn’t anyone tell me it was this fun?

I miss Blomidon. If you are not from here and you’re reading this post, Blomidon is the most beautiful place on earth. It really is. There is some amazing thing about this beach and it’s jagged cliffs that makes you want to stand up and Praise the Lord 🙂 I say ‘awesome’ alot but this really is…it’s one of God’s great ideas. Isn’t it cool that the Lord wanted to give us beautiful things to look at while we are here? Now I can’t wait for Spring and the first trip to blomidon that will be a little colder than I’d like it to be but we’ll go anyway just because we missed it so much. And by we I mean me and Erin…because she would SO be in on that first trip. Except she is having a baby around that time (horray!). She’ll prolly come anyway, 9 months pregnant and all! Anyone else want to come? Why wait for spring? It’s beautiful there in the winter too. Although it’s probably dangerous and slippery.

This summer Chloe will be old enough to run on the sand when the tide is out and get really, really muddy 🙂 Hurry up summer!!


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Book Review Friday – 1 Timothy I have to be hones…

Book Review Friday – 1 Timothy

I have to be honest. This was the toughest one so far for me. The previous 2 weeks that I have been reading have seemed easy and I had plenty of lightbulb moments and felt sure of what God was trying to show me. I couldn’t wait to write my reviews. This week I didn’t feel the same at all. I’d like to thank Charmin for being honest last week when she was having a little trouble with Ruth becuase I think I might have tried to make something up this week in fear of being the only one who didn’t get anything out of it 🙂 So, I feel like it’s ok for me to tell you that I came up with way more questions than answers with 1 Timothy.

One verse stood out to me in particular. Chapter 2:10 For women who claim to be devoted to God should make themselves attractive by the good things they do. I have issues with vanity sometimes…what woman doesn’t? Something for me to think about as there are many times I wish I had more clothes, better hair, new makeup, etc. I really should be focusing way more on what I am doing so people who don’t know me (and of course those who do know me) can see that God is at work in me so I present Him and His love and not me and what I look like.

Well, one verse is better than nothing. Maybe I didn’t give this book the concentration it required this week. That could be the case. Logically, I know that it’s filled with things I could have learned. Maybe I’ll have to give this book another try sometime.

I’m off to read other reviews and maybe some of my questions will be answered by you 🙂

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What I said and what I actually meant… Last nig…

What I said and what I actually meant…

Last night I went to Bible study/prayer meeting at church. Afterwards, there is always juice and a yummy treat in the awana room. As me and Erin and her hubby were walking towards the awana room, I made the unfortunate statement, “I come for the juice.” What I meant was, I come into the awana room for the juice, NOT that I come to Bible study for the juice 🙂 Of course, my good buddy Erin gave me a hard time and warned me to watch out for my lightning bolt on my way home. She said she was going to blog about this so I thought I would beat her to it. So, if she blogs about how un-spiritual I was at prayer meeting last night, you can know that I was just excited to have some juice after a nice time of Bible study and prayer. I will not take this opportunity to point out any lightning bolts that she could recieve because I am not like that. Tee hee…good times my friend!

I just finished eating a potato salad and chicken sandwich. Is that a wierd combo? It was very delicious.


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Blogger is annoying me…whatever…I think my "up…

Blogger is annoying me…whatever…I think my “update” is posted a few times and I can’t seem to delete it. grrrr…

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Update Ok, so her email wasn’t scary at all. In f…


Ok, so her email wasn’t scary at all. In fact it gave me a great starting point so I could outline the gospel for her. She said, “Yeah I’ve been afraid to die since my dad died (1976), I use to cry myself to sleep and have nightmares. I can’t think about it or I won’t be able to function. I’m afraid that after we die, that’s it. I hope not but it is an unknown.”

So I got to tell her that it’s not an unknown! I remembered to pray before I started typing the email. I think that means I had some help 🙂 I wrote about a paragraph explaining why it’s not an unknown and what we need to know and do to have eternal life. It’s sorta hard to be brief as to not scare her off but to make sure I said everything necessary in case she never brings it up again. Anyway, I haven’t heard back from her since I wrote that email. She also said she might drop by this week. I hope she does…only that’s WAY harder because I might have to explain it in person! Please pray for her. Thanks.

In other news, I taught Chloe how to “spike” her purple ball….gotta raise a vball player you know… And then I caught her spiking the cat. Smudgie was not impressed. We learned that you don’t spike cats, just the ball. She says, “Pike!” as she hits the ball…or the cat. Very cute 🙂

Also, I feel like I should confess, I had apple pie and hershey kisses for supper. Oh don’t worry, I cooked for my family, I just didn’t feel like eating anymore meat. I made a slow cooker roast beef yesterday and maybe I ate about half a pound of leftover meat at lunch time. Gross! What was I thinking? Good thing Mike took some to work with him because I might have been inclined to eat more! Ew.

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