4 -Way flashers again? This morning I wake up and…

4 -Way flashers again?

This morning I wake up and look out the bedroom window to see what the weather is like. They were calling for snow again. As I look out I notice it is indeed snowing and there are no cars in the driveway. Hmmm. Odd. I’m pretty sure Mike can’t drive two cars at a time. Just up the road a few houses, I see our old Ford….and the 4-ways are a flashing!

Can see our car past the two cars that are closest in the picture? There it is on the side of the road. So of course I call Mike to see what’s up this time. Turns out the axel broke this morning. For those of you who are car savvy, you know this is bad. BUT, it is WAY worse if it happens when you are driving fast on the highway where there is oncoming traffic. The Lord has once again protected Mike from something possibly horrible happening. I am grateful to say the least. Further in the conversation I learned that he also spun out on the highway while driving the other old car but didn’t leave the road or hit anyone or anything. Thanks again Lord! Maybe You were trying to tell Mike to stay home today?? Anyway, he is safe and sound and we are going to have to get a tow truck.

Kim, I’m not going out to turn off the 4-ways this morning because my boots don’t match my pajama bottoms today 🙂



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2 responses to “4 -Way flashers again? This morning I wake up and…

  1. Kim

    No, we certainly wouldn’t want to be seen outside with un-matched boots and pajama bottoms, now would we??!!!! That line still cracks me up! Thanks for the laugh again this morning!

  2. Alli

    Goodness, I’m glad to hear everyone is okay.

    And I like your new look!;)

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