The Life of a Cat

This is Smudgie. She likes to sleep in cozy places…this is pushing it. The empty clementine box is really not meant for coziness but I guess she didn’t care.

Sometimes I wish I could just curl up anywhere and catch a few winks. Especially today. I think the weekend has caught up with me. I’m beat tired and I’d like to go to bed right now. But, alas, I cannot.

I love my slow cooker but I hate cleaning it. I hate it. I’m leaving it until the morning and you can’t make me clean any sooner 🙂 Supper was delicious though. Chloe apparently didn’t think so…she ended up not even tasting it and having orange pieces, crackers and grapes for supper. *Sigh* Maybe she’ll eat what we’re eating someday. I can’t say it doesn’t stress me out a little. It’s hard to come up with variety for her and still have her eating healthy food. I guess I can be glad that she has developed a taste for fruit recently. That’s a start.

I’m going to watch Jeopardy. I love trivia. Did ya know that?



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5 responses to “The Life of a Cat

  1. Murray's Corner

    fruit is a start. When I feed Summer carrots or chicken or potatoes, I put in a little applesauce cuz that’s how she’ll eat it. My plan is, to start minimizing the ammount of applesauce until I don’t have to put any in!

  2. Jenn

    good call, Kris. chloe used to love her baby food when she was summer’s age…but she grew out that I guess 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    You could always do what I had to do with my eldest:) Pry his mouth open, dump some supper in, hold it closed until he swallowed. It wasn’t mean, just matter of fact. He got over not eating what we ate really quickly. 🙂 (maybe I need to put some more smiley faces with that comment just to make sure :):):):).

  4. Jenn

    Ok, now I’m trying to guess who “anonymous” is 🙂 If I know you, then I’d be able to see how your eldest turned out, *wink, wink* 🙂

  5. kelly

    Just wanted to tell you that you and your sister did a beautiful job singing Sunday night!!

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