Charmin – This isn’t my BRF yet so you can read it…

Charmin – This isn’t my BRF yet so you can read it if you want 🙂

Alli from Texas tagged me with this and it’s like one of those email surveys that I know you all love so read on and see if I tag you next!

Aprons- Y/N? The only apron I own is a Christmas one that I’ve had since I was about 4. But I still have it and it comes out every year with the Christmas Decor.

Baking- Favorite thing to bake? Brownies. Home made, my moms recipe (although I have been known to enjoy the boxed kind on occasion 🙂

Clothesline- Y/N? We had one at our old house in Aylesford that I used consistently until spider season in the late summer. I love chlothesline dried clothes!

Donuts- Ever made them? Nope, but I remember by best friends mom used to make them when we were little. Mmmmmm, deep fried goodness 🙂

Everyday- One homemaking thing you do everyday? Dishes. I do the dishes everyday.

Freezer- Do you have a separate deep freezer? No, we only have the little one on top of the fridge.

Garbage Disposal- Y/N? We recycle, compost, and garbage bag but we don’t have one of those automatic disposal units if that’s what you mean 🙂

Handbook- Y/N? Huh? I automatically thought of an AWANA handbook 🙂

Ironing- Love it or hate it? Hate it. Honestly I can’t remember that last time I ironed something.

Junk Drawer- Where is it? Um, in this apartment it’s almost all the drawers at this point. I haven’t gotten every organized. I figure, what’s the point since we’ll be moving again soon!

Kitchen- Design and decorating? Here in the apt it’s white, white and more white walls with old cupboards and new vinyl. Our new house will be cherry cupboards…and the rest has been narrowed down to a short list 🙂

Love- What is your favorite part of homemaking? Knowing my husband has something to eat when he comes home and knowing what my daughter sees, hears, eats plays with all day long.

Mop- Y/N? Um, not as often as I should…

Nylons- No. I wear tights. I still can’t seem to graduate to nylons. And I only wear tights when absolutly necessary in the winter time. Once easter hits, the nylons go away, even if it’s still cold out 🙂

Oven- Do you use the window or open it to check? Both. I’m obsessive.

Pizza- What do you put on yours? That’s easy, I just made one last night!. Pepperoni, salami, ham, tomotoes, green pepper, cheese and sauce. Of course chloe ate only the crust and carefully picked everything else off. But Mike raved about it and said he couldn’t wait till lunchtime to eat his leftovers today! Again, what’s with my family and lunch being the highlight?

Quiet- What do you do during the day when you get a quiet moment? Obsessivly check blogs 🙂 Read, or clean.

Recipe card box- Y/N? Yes but it’s packed away somewhere in storage. it’s going to be like Christmas when I get unpacked someday!

Style of house- Aptartment is a small 2 story with no storage space for junk. Our new house is a 3 bedroom bungalow with a basement for lots of junk storage 🙂

Tablecloths and napkins- Y/N? We don’t even currently have a table set up so, no. And sometimes I use a table cloth when I do have the table set up and the napkins around here are usually paper towel.

Under the kitchen sink- Cleaning supplies and garbage bags.

Vacuum- How many times a week? Downstairs, every second day or so. Upsatirs….let’s not go there 🙂 Really, don’t go up there.

Wash- How many loads do you do a week? i don’t know….Hmmmm, probably about 5 or so.

X’s- Do you keep a list of things to do and cross them off? Yes, usually on the white board on the fridge.

Yard- Who does what? I’ve been known to mow the lawn on occasion but Mike usually does the work.

ZZZ’s- What is your last homemaking task for the day? I don’t usually do the dishes until the next morning so I’d say it would be making supper. Sometimes there is some laundry to finish up.

Ok, good times! I’ll tag Kim and Charmin if you haven’t already done this and you want to. I’m sure it will go around blogwick if it hasn’t already.



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2 responses to “Charmin – This isn’t my BRF yet so you can read it…

  1. Alli

    This has been one of my favorite memes! Glad you did it. By the way, e-mail me at alligirl1104(at)gmail(dot)com (I have no idea why everyone does that with the parentheses, I think it might have to do with getting spam, but I had to do it, too, just to be sure) and I’ll e-mail you those sweet potato recipes.

  2. The Homeplace

    Good grief. Bloglines doesn’t tell me what is in your post until I click on your name, and I was afraid to click on your name because if it was your review, I’d be too tempted!

    So I’m finally seeing this, and I’m off to do my very first meme. Big day.

    ~ Charmin, who was signed in as Charmin a minute ago, but has suddenly become The Homeplace.

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