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“Bee-bee S”

Wanna know what I love about this week already? It’s Vacation Bible School week at our church!

I’m the game director. It’s what I do. It’s kinda like I get to use some of the skills I learned in college (Recreation Leadership) but I get to to use them to help kids learn about Christ.

Those of you that go to Weston might have been in attendance for the puppet show last night at the VBS Rally. Good ‘ol Harold and Stella, arguing about what was more important, the fun stuff at VBS or the spiritual stuff. Fortunately, it’s both, as Mama Puppet pointed out. That Mama, she is one smart puppet. When you’re a kid, you need the fun stuff to balance out the spiritual stuff and it makes you want to come back the next day.

I think I’m pretty blessed to be able to have a hand in the fun and games. Hopefully it’ll be enough to keep the kids coming back tomorrow and maybe they’ll even bring a friend.


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Book Review – Genesis 20-25

I was juuuuuust about to crawl into bed when I remembered I was going to try and write a book review sometime today. Oh dear, it’s late and I don’t know if I have anything in me but I’m gonna give it a shot.

Genesis continues to be a great read. I’m learning detailed stuff about other stuff that I only knew a little bit about before. (see, told ya I wasn’t gonna make much sense). It’s amazing what you can learn reading the same passages for a whole week.

I love the story of Abraham and Sarah and how patient they had to be in waiting for the son God promised them. I’m sure they had their doubts, I mean, who wouldn’t at that age? But they also knew that God can do anything. They were rewarded with a son, Isaac, of whom they were SO HAPPY to have. I learned more about Ishmael, too. I didn’t remember alot of that information about Hagar and them leaving, etc.

Ok, chapter 22, when God tests Abraham and asks him to sacrifice his long awaited son. Of course, I’ve heard the story before, so I know how it ends but every time I read it, I was amazed at Abraham. AMAZED. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to almost do that. I sort of wondered why God would even ask him to make that decision. But it seems that, with Abraham, there was no decision, he just obeyed. I will be the first to admit that there is no way I would have even entertained the idea. And that is why I am Jenn, and he was Abraham.

I love the story of Isaac and Rebekah and how faith and the work of the Lord were the things that led them to eachother. What a great love story!

Anyway, I think that’s all I can do tonight. I’m excited to read on! Yay!

If you have no idea why I am doing this, click here to find out and won’t you please join us? You will be blessed, very blessed.


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Oooooo, A winner!

Well, my very busy day (see below) has taken a turn. I was supposed to have a car this morning to run some errands and cross some things off my list but due to circumstances beyond my control, I’m house bound. Again. As always.

So, I decided to get my random draw over with so I could stop being so excited about picking a winner and concentrate on some other things I need to do.

Since I’m me, I feel the need to explain exactly how I went about my random draw. Don’t worry, I’ll get to the winner in a moment. But if you can’t wait, you could just scroll down. But that would be rude. Anyway, first I was going to ask Mike to pick a number between 1 and 133 since that is how many comments I was THRILLED to get. But it occured to me that no one picks 1 or 133. So then I decided to write out all the numbers on paper, cut up said little numbered squares, and have my almost two year old pick a number out of the mixing bowl that the numbered paper squares were in. She picked the paper with the number 46, who turned out to be Cheryl! And I know her in real life! How crazy is that? We go to the same church! Anyway, thrilled that Cheryl won. I’ll be emailing her soon.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who commented. I had a blast reading them and checking out some of your blogs. I hope to get to the rest of them eventually.

I’m pretty sure that if Rocks in my Dryer does this again, so will I.


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It’s gonna be a day and a half

This is going to be the busiest weekend. Ever. I had the smart idea that I needed to participate in the Town Wide Yardsale tomorrow. In my head I thought I had tonnes of stuff to sell but upon inspection, it really isn’t that much. Oh don’t get me wrong, there is lots of junk in that basement of ours but alot of it is just that, junk, or it’s stuff I can’t part with (yes, I have a problem). So, I have a few things and I will put out a table and people will mock me and keep walking around the sub for more exciting and interesting yardsales where people actually, you know, SELL their stuff.

I also had it in my head that most of the junk down there was mine. I’m happy to announce that I am not the only pack rat in this little family(which I knew, but now I’m announcing it for good measure). Alot of it belongs to Mike but there is about, oh, a ZERO percent chance that he’ll get rid of it. He likes to keep stuff FOREVER. Sigh.

Most certainly more importantly, our church’s Vacation Bible School starts on Monday so I’m busy preparing for that. I’m the super cool game lady…ok, I’m just the game lady, we’ll see if I’m super cool after the week is over. It stresses me out a little for the simple fact that I might forget something important or not have enough games planned or something totally HORRIFIC like that. Even though I did the job last year with no major mishaps except for the headless plastic lobster.

I’m also working on something that I can’t tell you about.

Don’t you just love that I said that? 🙂

AND I have to do my random draw sometime today and pick a winner. AND I have to make plans to find places for all of the things I am going to win. Not. I never win and even though my hopes are high, I won’t be surprised when no one emails me to tell of my victory in their random drawing.

AND I have to try and find time to do my Book Review of Genesis 20-25 sometime today. I really am going to try and do it. I really am. I’m gonna try. And I’m gonna keep telling myself that until I do it. I could be up pretty late.

AND I have a car today, I think, which means I can take the girls and run some errands to cross a few things off my ever growing list.

AND time is slipping away as I type…there is cat hair to be swiffered, laundry to be started, children to feed, lists to make, and things to worry about so I better motor.

I’ll do my very random drawing a little later.

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Good fun

Is it just me or is this give away thing really fun? Oh it so is. Never again will I hit the 90 comment mark…until Rocks does another give away…which she may, which I will prolly participate in, because I’m high on the comments. And very excited to actually send my prize to someone with a little note saying “lets be friends”. If you are looking to find the aforementioned contest, scroll down one time. If you are here to read something because you are tired of looking at the contest then keep reading. Although I have nothing exciting to say, I’m going to type a short while.

I have a ballgame in our home town tonight. So all you that live near this home town that we love, feel free to come cheer on Mrs. S and her team mates. I do love a cheering section which I may have mentioned before. Start time 6:30pm, second field behind-ish the arena.

Our munchkin has a new favorite saying so if you aren’t tired of hearing things that my almost two year old can say then read on. If you are tired of it, stop reading now.

Oh, you’re still here? Good. Anything that is a slight bit bigger than she thinks should be normal she refers to as the, “Big, big, giant…” For instance. A slightly larger leaf than the one she picked up two minutes ago is the big, big, giant leaf. A pool any bigger than a wading pool is a big, big, giant pool. You get the picture. It’s just kinda funny for me. Maybe because I am going to be one of those parents that I totally thought I would never be. You know, the ones who brag about every little thing their child says or does. I might be that parent. If I am, I apologize whole-heartedly. It’s just that my kid is really smart for her age and…teehee, just kidding, I’m done.

Except for one more thing. She said, “wuv you, mom” the other day and gave me a good snuggle. And I didn’t even tell her I loved her first! I may have melted like a Smartie in the dryer when she said that.

Mmmmm, Smarties. I gotta go.


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I’m giving something away!

 Edited to add: With American thanksgiving on the way, this post is getting some renewed traffic from searches. THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. Sorry about that, it was from a carnival in the summertime.

Dogdays Shannon at Rocks in my Dryer is having a give away carnival, which I mentioned this morning as I was trying to think of something to give away. Lumber? no. Cats? no. Primitive country wall hanging thing? YES! I actually bought this for myself the other day but in the spirit of giving (and also the spirit of hoping I win something) I have decided to give this away in a random draw that I am very excited about. It is not everyday that I get to have a random draw. In fact, I’ve never had one before. Ever. How exciting!

Ok, all you have to do is leave a comment and tell me you’d like to win. I won’t even make you think of something witty to say and you don’t even have to look around my blog. It’ll just be exciting to have lots of comments. I’m easily entertained like that. Yes, yes I am.

Oh yeah, here’s the photo title to click on to see it. Sorry about the extra step of clicking to see but I haven’t mastered the art of picture posting yet. give thanks

I’ll randomly draw (yes, I enjoy the word random) on Friday and email the winner. This give away is open to Canada…and, what the heck, the US too. I’ll prolly only ever have one give away since this could cost me a fortune in shipping. Oh well! I love giving, so I’m over it. Ok, commence commenting!


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I’ll think of something

I was on a stretch there for awhile that I had lots to blog about. I suppose there is still lots to blog about but I haven’t been thinking much in posts for some reason. Probably from lack of time to actually think. Yeah, that’s it. Thinking takes time.

Rocks in My Dryer is hosting a Dog Days of Summer Bloggy giveaway carnival thingy and I plan on winning something. I just do. I also would like to take part and give something away but I haven’t thought of anything yet. Pretty much the only people who would prolly even enter would be you all that live close to me and I can’t think of anything that I have that you might want. But I’m going to keep thinking because I want to hold a random draw on Friday. I’m not sure why I think it is exciting to hold my own random draw but I just do ok, so leave me alone. Thank you. I’m sure I can scrounge up something interesting from my house just so I can hold a random draw. Let’s see, what do I have lots of. Well, there is lots of left over lumber from building the house. I’m not sure lumber is a good giveaway item. Besides, if someone from another province wins, the shipping cost would be out of this world. I have four cats, maybe I could include one in the draw….noooo, I kid, I love my kitties and besides, half of my readers do not enjoy cats, isn’t that right friends? You know who you are.

Anyway, I’ll think of something soon and whether you want it or not, please enter just so I can have my very own random draw, ok? Thanks, you’re swell.

Oh and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to our friends E-wok and Cooter. I have a special post for E-wok coming soon so stayed tuned.

I just realized that if you click on E-wok’s blog, all you will see is pictures of me that she has so kindly posted around my birthday. Yeah. Special post for my dear friend in the near future. The girls are watching Dora so maybe now would be a good time. How’s now, Erin? Ok, sounds good.


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