I feel like a big meanie

O heavenly day my oldest child is stubborn beyond her 3.5 years. C is a picky eater. PICKY. I wish I knew how that happened so we can avoid that scenario with baby S.

Last week we started The New Supper Rule. This rule states that C must try at least one bite of whatever we are having for supper before she is allowed to leave the table. The Rule also states that if she does not eat all of what she is given of the “the new thing” (and believe me, it isn’t much) that she will not get anything else and no bedtime snack. I figured after a few suppers of her not eating more than a bite that she would get hungry in the evenings and figure it out.

We’re not there yet.

 I had gotten in a really bad rut of making her things she likes in hopes that one day she would randomly decide to eat other foods.

Oh how I was mistaken.

And I’m even nice most suppers. I try and have at least one thing I know she likes at most meals. Tonight we had Spaghetti and my own version of bruschetta. I knew she didn’t love either of these. It didn’t go well at all. She wouldn’t take a bite. Usually she cries and whines and then eventually takes one bite. Nope, not tonight. she got sent to bed at 6:00pm.

I feel kinda mean. Am I mean? I don’t know what else to do. She knows there is a reward if she eats what she is given and we are all over her with praise when she does take the one bite.

The other night we had chicken pizza. Normally she will only eat the pizza if everything has been taken off. But she ate the pizza with stuff on it! and there was no protest! And no crying! And she got  big bowl of ice cream for dessert.

I thought we had turned a corner.

No corner has been turned, unless there is chicken pizza on the other side 🙂

Any thoughts?



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4 responses to “I feel like a big meanie

  1. I do the meanie thing with Leah and it so works. Except if she didn’t eat her dinner, she has it warmed up for breakfast. If she won’t eat it for breakfast, she eats nothing until lunch and guess what lunch is– you guessed it! She’s never gone longer than two meals without giving in.

    There are a couple of exceptions– mushrooms being one. She will literally gag on them because she really doesn’t like them. As far is picky-ness is concerned, we have a no tolerance policy! 🙂

  2. watchthesky

    Been there Jenn. I know. 🙂

    Maybe she should hang around my little guy. He eats everything. EVERYTHING. Maybe it would rub off.

  3. Chelsea Hurst

    (I know you posted this months ago… and you don’t know me… but I’m chiming in anyways!)

    You’re not mean! Maybe to a 3.5 year old you are. But she’ll get over it and she won’t hold it against you. That’s the method my parents used on me and it’s the method I plan to use on my children. This is what we’re eating. You don’t have to eat it, but if you don’t, you don’t eat. The end.

    Anyways, found you on BigMama. I’m going to keep reading. Sorry if I comment on any of your older posts!

  4. Hi Chelsea!
    Thanks for chiming in 🙂 I don’t blog much these days but I’ve been meaning to do an update for this post beause things have gotten way better in the little girls eating department! yay!

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