Not functioning at full capacity

Heavens, I am tired today. Baby S has had a very bad cold for over a week now and it’s done worn me out too. She coughs all night. Poor little thing. And poor me because I like sleep and I miss it 🙂

I wanted to blog about lots of things. I wanted to also post a review but I can’t seem to formulate a good thought about anything. When you don’t blog in so long, where exacty do you start again?

Here’s some pictures. Everyone loves pictures, right?


There’s my girls. Aren’t they cute?

The big one has said so many hilarious and unexpected thing lately that I want to write down but never do. Like the day she said, “Mommy, I  love you but you aren’t a good mommy to me yet.” So of course I asked her what I needed to do to be a good mommy and she said that I needed to teach her the right words to say.

Ok, I’ll try.

She’s a barrel of laughs most of the time and she loves her baby sister. it’s very sweet.


I am going to try for a review of psalms 13-17 later. I really am. For other reviews, go to watch the sky and see what it’s all about.



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2 responses to “Not functioning at full capacity

  1. watchthesky

    So sorry. Poor S. Poor Jenn.
    We missed you tonight at church. It was a good message, maybe it’ll be online so you can listen too. 🙂
    Hope you get more sleep tonight!

  2. I don’t know if you will remember me, but I used to follow the book review friday study. I haven’t used this blog much lately but was totally surprised at how the baby has grown. She was just barely born and suffering from colic the last time I was in contact with you.

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