Cute things

1) Baby S has started smiling at us. And it’s pretty much the cutest thing ever. She is having some happier moments lately which is really nice. I’ve also heard some very cute little “cooing” noises (that’s for you Melody:))

2) My parents were here for a visit the other day. C ran into her room and brought out her sparkly purple box which contains her sparkly blue star (she likes boxes and sparkly things just like her mother). Anyway, my dad asked her if that was a star for the Christmas tree and with her hand on her hip, she said, “No Grampy, this is my wishing star.”

“What do you wish for?” asked my dad.

“I wish that Jesus would come down, scoop us all up and take us to heaven.”

She’s deep for a three year old 🙂



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3 responses to “Cute things

  1. watchthesky

    I am SO with C on that one. I’m ready!

  2. julia

    mercy, that’s preciousness!

  3. Boy I am with her on wishing Jesus would come and scoop us up. We have been traveling so haven’t been able to read blogs. I am trying to catch up. Glad the baby is smiling now days

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