Two daughters, same allergy

Poor baby S hasn’t had a great start to life. She has had nearly constant tummy pain for the last week, minus at night time which is awfully merciful for her and for us.

Her face broke out in a big rash which I, at first, thought was baby acne but then when it also started to get flaky, that’s when I put the pieces together. We saw the Dr on Monday and she agrees, baby number 2 also has a milk allergy.

Mike had it when he was little and apparently it’s quite common for him to pass that to a least one of his children, or in our case, both of them. Thanks alot Mike 😉

I seriously didn’t expect for baby S to have it too, I don’t know why I thought that but I did. Anyway, the good news is, we figured it out way sooner than we did with C and we switched her formula Monday night and I can tell you that it is already making a difference. She is having a very peaceful sleepy morning for the first time in a couple weeks. And I totally think her face looks better aleady. So hopefully she works all the milk based stuff out of her system and is a happy baby very soon.

Wow, what will that be like? Even after we figured it out with C, she was a still a colicky baby and never really seemed content, even after the colic went away. She was never a good sleeper either. Even though it’s early with S, I have a feeling that once her tummy stops hurting, she will be a content baby. She’s already a great night sleeper and when she isn’t hurting, sleeps alot during the day, too.

Anyway, just thought I’d update since I don’t feel like pulling out my hair today. It’s been a rough week around here with all the screaming and us feeling helpless.

It’s very much an answer to prayer that S is feeling better, it’s so hard to watch your baby hurting and screaming. It’s also very hard to wait for that prayer to be answered…sorry God! I can’t say I was very patient…oops 😦



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3 responses to “Two daughters, same allergy

  1. watchthesky

    So so glad!!! Hooray for content babies!! Hooray for sleep for parents!!! 🙂

  2. Kim

    Oh Jenn, I’m so glad that you figured it out! May there be many peaceful, content days ahead!

  3. Oh boy, I too am glad that baby is doing better. I so wanted to hear cute cooing stories about her.

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