Book Review Friday Matthew 1-4

Hi. I’m going to write a few words about the chapters this week. I don’t think there will be anything earth shattering for you but I’ll type it anyway.

Are you one of those people that skip over the geneology sections? I’m SO not. I’m wierd like that. I read through every name every time I read it and I think this is the most fascinating one so if you skipped it or skimmed it, go back and really look at those important names. I love how the line of ancsetry (sp) leading up to the birth of Jesus is pretty much the people who make up most of the stories in the Bible. And if you read about those people, they aren’t perfect. If there is something I’ve learned during my book review readings its that God uses who he uses. All those pivitol characters in the geneology have a story and most of those stories involve them messing up one time or another. But the key is, something perfect came from the mess-ups. I sorta feel like I’m rambling and I’m not sure I get my own point but I do know that it reminds me that God can use me if I let Him even though I mess up time and time again.

Make any sense? Hopefully 🙂

Seriously, that’s about all my jumbled, sleep-deprived brain can manage tonight. I do find it hard to focus on anything these days besides the crying, feeding, and diaper changing coupled with trying to make time for my 3 year old. This being a mom of two is a little harder but I think once we get a routine down, I’ll be ok.




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4 responses to “Book Review Friday Matthew 1-4

  1. anniepannie

    You`re back! Yay! I hear ya on the lack of sleep thing. I keep hearing of people with babies younger than mine SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT. You have got to be kidding me. I guess waking up 10 times a night isn`t normal. My child enjoys eating far too much. 🙂

  2. Kim

    I made myself read and not skip the list of names like I often do. Did you know you were talking to me? 😉

  3. happytoknowhim

    I am with you Jenn. I have to read every one of these names as well, I am sure if someone heard me pronounce them they would have no clue who I was talking about:):) When you read these accounts, you cannot help but understand that God can and will use who He wants. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I hope little Sadie will settle into a sleeping and feeding routine soon.

  4. watchthesky

    Love your review!! Totally. “God uses who He uses.” So true. I’m also glad that my mess ups aren’t in print for all the world to read about. 🙂

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