SO not pregnant anymore

I guess I should update the blog, eh? Most of you know, I’m no longer pregnant and have another beautiful baby girl!! She’s awesome. We can’t get enough of her, because LOOK! LOOK AT ALL THE CUTENESS!

She was huge…as I suspected. 9lbs 12.5 oz. OUCH. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to sit on a chair again 🙂 But never fear, my husband saved the day yesterday when he came with an inflatable donut pillow for me to sit on. Hence the reason I am able to sit here and blog this morning. On the box, it is called a “rubber invalid pillow” I’m not even kidding. So, here sits an invalid on her rubber pillow to blog for you this day. Good times indeed. I’m going to post more eventually about this birth experience…but not today.

And now I must go snuffle my baby girl.



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5 responses to “SO not pregnant anymore

  1. Yay! Congratulations!! Miss chit chatting with you through email, want you to know that I am still keeping up to date with you through yoru blog! She’s beautiful!

  2. watchthesky

    She really is a cutie!! So glad for you. And so glad that someone out there takes the time to makes rubber invalid pillows. 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness. Waiting to see a picture of her was well worth the wait. What a beautiful little girl!!!!! Don’t you just love them when they are sleeping. Looking forward to hearing all about her and her sister.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS! She’s lovely! How exciting!

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