The unofficial beginnings of home school

Is home school one word or two?

Anyway, yeah, I’m aware she just turned three. But if she didn’t think doing “school work” was so much fun, we wouldn’t be doing it.

Her Grammy S got her a great Pre-K binder with all kinds of activities in it to prepare a child for school. And, she loves it. So I call it school and tell her she must do her best work in her school binder and be neat and careful. She thinks it is very special and I think it’s great that she likes to do it. I actually have had to convince her to stop the last couple of days because I don’t want her doing too much at once.

Here she is working very hard at tracing and printing the letter “C”

We did some number pages today and I read the directions for this and she did it herself with no help from me. Whiz kid.

She’s going to be sick of school by the time she’s 5, isn’t she? I hope I’m not making a mistake by calling it school this early!


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  1. Ken

    My youngest daughter is 3 too and she was practicing her C’s today! Looks like yours is off to a great start!

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