Ok, possibly I was wrong

Well, first I must apologize to Anne for posting a random picture of her without realizing it. Not that it was a bad picture, she is quite the swimmer. In my defense, even one of thier sisters thought it could be Erin, it could be Anne…the only reason I believe Erin that it isn’t her is because she has the rest of the pics (which she emailed me) from that day in the pool that she took of Anne and I really did come to see that it was her and not Erin. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have believed her. Really, all the sisters look a like at some points so back off.

But wasn’t that fun? Yes, it was. So just to clear things up, I shall post an actual picture of Erin in honour of the day she is getting induced:

She just loves lobster.

But my question is, how did I get that picture of Anne swimming? Obviously it was Erin’s since she has the rest. I remember scanning a bunch of photos so I must have had that pic in my stash. Maybe I stole it thinking it was Erin. Even funnier.

Alright, now that the “mystery” is solved I’m gonna eat some breakfast…C is already eating hers and it’s making me hungry.



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3 responses to “Ok, possibly I was wrong

  1. thank you for clarifying with that lovely lobster picture. i’m fat and i have a mullet, but whatever… 🙂

    yup, today is induction day if they aren’t too busy. they better not be too busy for me. i am top priority, don’t they know that?!

  2. Kristal

    I just want you to know that everytime Bob sees your blog web address on here he’s all, “who’s Jenn Rambleson?” How many times I have to tell him Jenn Rambles On for him to get it, I have no idea! So now your Jenn Rambleson in our house!

  3. Who doesn’t love lobster??? I hope Erin had her baby!

    Congratulations on finding out for sure that you’re having another girl! I’ve always loved the name Mercedes. 🙂

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