Placenta update :)

Never fear, the placenta has moved to it’s proper location and eveything seems hunky-dorey in that area. Phew, I know you were all as worried as I was.

Ok, bye.

Just kidding…

Yes, it is still a girl in there. I figured as much but I feel more confident now that it’s ok to paint that horrible yellow room a nicer girly color.

We told C she was going to have a sister and she said, “No. Boy.” Uh, sorry hun, we don’t get to decide this one. She reasoned that her cousins were girls and she wanted a boy. Nice try, talk to God about that one.

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know so you could quit worrying about placenta placement and have a good sleep tonight.

PS: we have NO idea what to name this little girl. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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