Oh, just some stuff

Oh my sweet mercy our computer is slow. It needs a new memory stick thing but needing it and actually buying said memory are two very different things. The slowness of it all makes me not want to even use the computer. Which is ok I guess.

Anywho, I’ve managed to dig out some baby clothes, wash them, and put them away. Woohoo! That seems to have satisfied my nesting urge a little bit. Although I really want the room to be organized and cleaned…because, well, it’s dirty. But I can’t really clean fully until Mike gets the twin bed out of there and a couple of other large items that are just sort of being stored in the guest room/play room/ baby’s room. C’s room is about to gain alot of toys just for lack of a better place to put them until we have a recroom in the basement. And God bless my well intended husband but I don’t think that is going to happen in the next 7 weeks or so.

Since I’m jumping all over the place I would like to report that the extreme tiredness and sleeping disease that I spoke of in my last post were short lived. thank heavens. Oh, I’m still tired but I don’t feel the COMPULSION so sleep constantly. And that is good. Just thought you would want to know that.

Rather excited about ultrasound #2 coming up on Tuesday. I still suppose the Dr was probably right the fist time and this is likely a girl and that’s ok but there is this exciting little notion in my head that maybe it’s a boy. A BOY! Imagine that. So far, my parents have 2 grand-daughters and Mike’s parents have 3 grand-daughters. Imagine the excitement a boy would bring to the daddies and grand-daddies!

It’s probably a girl 🙂

Oh I hope C will take a nap. I still hear commotion in there but no singing. That’s a good sign. She was up WAY too late last night and didn’t really sleep in too much.

My sis called in the afternoon to see if we wanted to go to the Exhibition. If you don’t know what that is then just picture a million teenagers, a carnival, some horse shows, a sheep rodeo, and some barns filled with animals. In other words, your classic country fair.

Now, we aren’t generally Exhibitionists (teehee) but we thought C might enjoy the animals and watching kids fall of sheep in the rodeo. So once Mike got home we were off the the Valley Ex.

It was ok. I’m pretty sure the 16 bucks we spent on admission was WAY too much but C enjoyed some of the things there. And it’s not like we could stay very long because of bed time and all…and C needed to get to bed at a decent hour too. That “decent” hour ended up being 9:30pm. Too late.

Oh well, if you can’t enjoy a wednesday evening hick parade then what is summer really all about?

well, I suppose should go rest my eyes for a bit. Just a bit…


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One response to “Oh, just some stuff

  1. watchthesky

    glad you’re feeling a bit more rested. 🙂
    Kids falling off sheep eh?! That would be interesting. 🙂

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