7.5 weeks to go

yes, that’s right, just 7.5 weeks till this baby is due. I can’t wait either. I’m really excited to meet the little one and I won’t lie, I’m really excited to not be pregnant. This one has been tougher than the last as some of you may remember. And apparently it’s getting worse again. I had a VERY rough time between week 7 and week 14 and then things levelled out a bit…at least I felt sort of normal and only sometimes horrible. But with the onset of week 32, things seem to be going down hill again. The last few days have been tough. The extreme tiredness and sleeping disease has kicked back in. I seriously want to sleep. ALL. THE. TIME. Which, of course, is rather inconvenient and impossible when you have an almost 3 year old to look after and a husband who insists on going to work every day like a good man should.

So, even though the last three days have seemed to last forever, I’m hoping that it’s just a stage where the baby is growing or something and it won’t last for the next 7.5 weeks because that will be rough. Sigh.

Anyway, right after the whole bloggy carnival give away thingy my computer died. It must have been exhausted from all the comments and site views and it gave up. We got it “fixed” but the memory card thing won’t go back in so it is super slow. Which is practically as annoying as not having a computer at all.

Well, I better try and be productive before nap time comes around again. A shower is likely a good start. I’m supposed to take c to a birthday party this afternoon. Wish me luck with all of these very difficult tasks.



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2 responses to “7.5 weeks to go

  1. watchthesky

    I feel really really bad. Really bad. Jenn, I had no idea you were still blogging. I just figured you had given it up. Turns out that somehow you were deleted from my bloglines without realizing it. For months. I’m back and hope to be in tune with what’s going on in Jenn’s world again.
    I’ve very excited that you only have a few weeks left. šŸ™‚

  2. hahaha, don’t feel bad at ALL. I don’t blog that much anyway. I just figured you were too busy and not reading too many blogs…I wasn’t offended šŸ™‚

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