What? Did I just make an important decision?

Yes, yes I believe I did!

I posted awhile back about my fears and worries of childbirth this time around. I talked about whether or not I had the guts to try for a VBAC or to just go ahead and schedule the c-section which I have the option of doing since my daughter was born by section. And so, I prayed and read and am still reading but I really think I am GOING TO GO FOR IT! I’m going to try for the VBAC. There really isn’t any reason that I shouldn’t try. In all the research that I’ve done I haven’t come across anything that convinces otherwise.

Yay me! This was a tough decision for me. It was one that no one could make for me. I just had to get educated enough to figure it out for myself. A couple of friends have been really supportive, giving me websites and lending me books to read. The one I am currently reading “The VBAC Companion”, loaned to me by Seven, has been a real help and a great educator and I’m not even halfway through yet.

And today I talked to my OB about a few things I was either worried about or just wanted to know and he was informative and seemed like he had no concerns for me to give it a go.

I’m not going to lie, I’m still a little scared. I’m scared that I’ll have the same crazy hard labour and four MORE hours of pushing that ends in a section again. But, I think I will be pleased in the end if I at least give it a try. I really want the experience of birth…not someone birthing for me in surgery. And I don’t want to be seperated from my husband and baby like I was when I went to recovery after my daughter was born by section. So, those being my two biggest motivators, I will try. 


I really thought that God was going to make me wait longer to give me peace about a decision…or maybe it’s that I wasn’t really listening all along but He is faithful and I need to remember that. I think seven loaning me that book was all part of the plan too 🙂

Anyway, there you have it. I might be proud of myself for not being a chicken for once!! Woot!



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6 responses to “What? Did I just make an important decision?

  1. watchthesky

    Jenn, I don’t think you are a chicken. Labour hurts. That can be very scary. But you are right, it is a bit of a pain to have to wait to meet your baby until you wake up from surgery. You go for it! And we’ll all be praying that all goes well and you can handle whatever comes. 🙂

  2. yup, that is definately a big decision to make…i’m excited to come home and meet your little turkey!!

  3. I’m scared, too. I’m glad the book is helping – I hope we both have the deliveries we are dreaming of, and if we don’t, we know we can survive surgery, too. : )

  4. That is a tough decision! I think you’ll feel good about trying for a VBAC, too. It is very normal to feel scared and nervous about labor. I hope everything works out with the VBAC. 🙂

  5. Hi Jenn,

    I pray you will have peace about your decision and upcoming delivery. Fear is not from God, it is when we surrender control to Him that we experience intimacy and peace.


    PS Love your blog colour!

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