I think she’ll be ok without the pucky

In case you’re dying to know how C made out on her first pucky-free night, she did ok. She did call for me a couple of times and ask for them back but once she fell asleep, she slept through the whole night. She woke up and cried this morning when she couldn’t find one in her bed but was easily distracted by breakfast.

She did not nap this afternoon and I fear she may never nap again. It’s alright though, she has been slowly phasing out the afternoon nap anyway. Sometimes I just like when she takes a nap, that’s all 🙂 But at least she will stay in her room for rest time. I need that.

And tonight when I put her to bed she asked for them again but I keep reminding her how big she is and that her new baby cousin needs them much more than she does because Aslyn doesn’t have a blankie OR a ducky yet. That seems to make sense to her.

In other oh-so-interesting news, we are going to have a front lawn soon! yay! We’ve been living in the land of dirt for a year now and I might be a little excited to have grass. We are going to sod the front and side yard. Mike’s work sells it now so he gets it for some ultra-discounted price that just seems to make more sense than waiting for seed to grow. But just to be different, we’re going to seed the backyard because it’s a bit larger and would cost a little more to sod.

What, can’t I be excited to have grass in my yard?


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One response to “I think she’ll be ok without the pucky

  1. Congratulations to your sister!

    Giving up the “pucky” is a big deal! It sounds like C is taking it well. I hope that continues!

    Having grass is very nice! I think you should be VERY excited. 🙂

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