Today’s the day!

Well I’m still waiting for my sister to have her baby. But the good news is that it will be today sometime…unless the induction takes her labour past midnight tonight and I certianly hope not! C and I are waiting here for the call that she is getting closer. It kinda stinks waiting here but I also know my child and a whole entire day of hanging out at the hospital would not be pleasant for anyone after she got bored. So, we shall wait…sigh. I don’t want to wait. But I will.

Normally Mike would have taken the day off but I used up my free pass of him staying home from work the other day when we all thought she would have the baby Tuesday morning and we spent most of the night at the hospital. I slept a good chunk of that day once her labour stalled and we all got sent home.  So, he had to go to work this morning and I have to stay here and wait for phone updates. Sigh.

Anywho, what can ya do. I hope the day goes well for her and that it isn’t as hard as I think it will be. We don’t have a great family history when it comes to labour and delivery. Maybe she’ll break the mould. Although the fact that she has been having contractions since last Friday suggests that she is on cue with mom and I in child birth. It makes me want to schedule my section right quick for this next one. Oh the memories of labour are pouring back in 🙂


Oh, that was my daughter wanting to contribute to the blog today 🙂

Check ya later


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  1. watchthesky

    I hope all goes well. We’ll be waiting to hear how it all went. 🙂

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