I can cook again

So the oven got fixed yesterday. That’s good news I suppose. It was a little difficult trying to figure out things to eat…especially without the stove top, I found that most inconvenient. Anyway, I am back in business cooking mediocre meals for my family once again. I hope to someday really enjoy cooking and trying new and complicated recipes that taste delicious but I’m all about recipes that are easy and still taste good. It works for us.

Still waiting for my sister to have her baby. It’s late. She has an OB appointment tomorrow and she is hoping he can hurry things up somehow but I doubt he’ll do too much at this point. Her husband is scheduled to go away on June 10th and they are getting scared that the baby won’t be born before he leaves. I think it’ll come out before then. Hopefully. That’s kind of a lot of days late if it doesn’t!

I really wish I could have a nap today. C is sleeping but I can only let her sleep for about 45minutes or she will be awake till 9:30pm and will still wake up around 6:30 or 7:00am. So I have to keep her from getting too much sleep during the day so that we aren’t up all night. Which really doesn’t give me time to nap. I’ll snap out of my fog by suppertime I hope. I’ll just keep yawning away.

So there are things happening around here concerning hubby’s job. We’ve been praying that something closer to home might come up where the price of gas is so rediculously high. There are 2 prospects that he is looking at. I can’t obviously say too much at this point but I will say that by the end of the week he hopes to have either a new job or more money from his current position to help offset the cost of gas. That would be nice but even if none of those things happen we will be ok. Even in the hardest times, God is faithful and we are ok. It’s weird, I have the hardest time leaving certain things for God to handle but I never seem to worry as much about money and financial siuations. Sometimes they are a bit stressful but I always know we will be ok. I wish I found it easier to give God the other aspects of my life as well. Something to work on for sure.

Anyway, if I have any big news, I’ll share it when I can 🙂



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2 responses to “I can cook again

  1. watchthesky

    I am not a good cook. I am an even worse cook without a stove. You are a good gal to handle life with no stove.
    I hope you get really good news on the job front. And I hope you get a nap someday soon. 🙂

  2. I’m glad you have your stove back. Easy, good tasting meals are definitely the way to go!

    I like your attitude about your financial situation. I hope your husband continues to be able to provide for his family without too much stress about gas money and tightening the budget in other areas because of it.

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