What can you possibly say

I just got home from a friends house. She used to be one of my ball coaches when I was in high school. Since then, we’ve played on alot of ball teams together and have been really good friends. Sunday morning her 21 year old son was killed in a car accident just down the road from me.

He had a fiancee and two little boys aged 2 and 1.

I’m really, really bad at knowing what to say and do in situations like that because there really isn’t anything you can say that can make a family feel better after such a tragedy. My normal reacation would be to do nothing but I knew I had to see her so after supper I went over. Of course there was a tonne of people there who were pretty much in the same boat I was but I’m glad I went. I got to hug her and her husband and let them cry…which of course made me bawl my face off. And I think most heartbreaking of all was their youngest daughter. I think she is about 14. She couldn’t stop crying. She doesn’t know me very well but as soon as she saw me she fell into my hug and just sobbed. Oh my stars I could barely handle it.

It’s hard to make sense of these tragedies and even though I don’t get it, it made me appreciate that I know where most of my family and friends will be if they die sooner than I think they should. Most of them would be waiting in heaven. I don’t think this family has that same assurance and that was hard on my heart too.

So, if you think of it, pray for Kim and Reg (the parents), Scott, Samantha, and Tessa (the brother and sisters of Logan) and of course his finacee and little boys as well. The oldest of Logan’s boys is just a little younger than C and keeps asking where his Daddy is. Oh my gosh, that is so hard to imagine seeing as I have a two year old who would ask the same questions and not really be able to understand the answer.

Ok, my heart is a little broken but I had to write it out and remember to be thankful for everyone I still have in my life and also to remember that we don’t know when God has our time set for us to go be with Him.



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2 responses to “What can you possibly say

  1. watchthesky

    We heard about the accident but didn’t know who it was. It’s awful. It is hard to remember sometimes that God is good, all the time, but we know He is.

  2. What a sad tragedy. I’m sure just being there was a big uplift to your friend and her family.

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