I hope I spelled the title correctly. That would be embarrasing. But I’m a bit too lazy busy to look it up.

Well, the baby did not want to reveal itself. It had the cord tucked between it’s legs so there wasn’t a clear shot. I knew that would happen just because I was SO excited to find out. The Dr took a guess but I don’t know if we are going to tell people what he guessed because he was very hesitant in even saying that. Oh well, I get another ultrasound at 34 weeks. That’s like 14 weeks away. Sigh.

But we got to see it’s little arms and hands moving around it’s face. It was making a fist. It’s a pretty cute baby if I do say so myself. Everything seemed to be fine and normal. I was glad Mike and C were there too. C seemed very indifferent because of course to a two year old it didn’t look like anything.

And I seriously enjoyed this ultrasound much more than the one I had with C because they tricked me last time and said I needed to drink 32 ounces of water an hour beforehand. It’s a lie. I was SO uncomfortable that time that I just wanted it to be over and the only memory I have of it is that I was trying not to pee right there on the table. This time I drank two glasses of water at lunch and I felt fine and the Dr didn’t yell at me or anything. So, it’s a myth, you don’t need to nearly die with 32 ounces of water.

And for the record, there is only one baby in there for any of you who thought otherwise 🙂



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6 responses to “Inconclusive

  1. So when I went in for my appointment, they suprised me by doing an ultrasound.

    The thing is, I hadn’t had a drop to drink. The doctor said it didn’t matter. By 20 weeks there was enough fluid in there anyways to see the baby.


    Soooo, what did the doctor think it may be?! 🙂 14 weeks is a long time to wait to find out!

  2. That is such a bummer that you weren’t able to leave the ultrasound knowing the sex of the baby!

  3. Kinza

    Twins would have been harder on me, but I would have managed 🙂

  4. Kim

    And if you make a math mistake like me, and end up drinking 64oz of water instead of 32, and the office is running about an hour late….. Seriously, I really did that! 🙂

  5. I was literally in tears at my first ultrasound with Leah and by the time I got into the appointment, the technician said my bladder was waaay too full and I had to go pee some of it out. And I had only drank what I was told to drink. So there you go. I now just drink as much as I can without being uncomfortable.

    I predict that you are having a GIRL.

  6. Oh, how exciting to see your baby! I think I would have been disappointed if I had not got to find out, but c’est la vie!

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