Nothin’ much

Can I just start by telling you that I am enjoying my new Tuesday and Thursday freedom? In case you don’t know, those are the days I used to babysit and although two days a week doesn’t seem like much, it’s alot when you are not a fan of babysitting. But I’m all done and hopefully for good. Now I can do what I like on Tuesdays and Thursdays….like, go help decorate for AWANA on a random Tuesday morning. Couldn’t do that  before. Or head to my sisters with C and let her Uncle spoil her which is what we did today. We told them we were coming for a visit and apparently Josh told Michelle that he only has 28 more days to spoil his niece. You see, once their baby is born I guess he isn’t going to spoil C anymore, or at least that seems what his plan is 🙂 So we let them take us to Dairy Queen for lunch. Sure! Why not? We have no other Thursday commitments. Yippee!

I learned something this past year. I tend to take on too much and I’m not so good at saying no. At least having a baby in September will allow me to say no to outside things and not feel as guilty about it. Sometimes I say yes to things that I think will be just fine but after awhile they either get tiring or I just don’t feel like being scheduled outside of the house. I’m pretty good at fooling myself into thinking I’m bored and need things to do but I’m thinking things to do can be alot simpler and I don’t HAVE to committ to so many things. I’d rather just have time to visit a friend or two.

Anyway, yup, that’s what I’m thinking about as this school year winds down. Funny how busy a school year can be even when you don’t have any school aged children but I guess that’s when stuff is happening.

And now I shall lie down…in hopes that C will take a short nap so she can come to the AWANA closing party tonight…she’s still chatting away in there, Hmmmm, might not work out.

And there it is…”Mommyyyyyyyyyyy, Mooooooommmmyyyyyyy, MOMMY!”

Go to sleep already child 🙂


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