Snedekar and other golfers I’d never heard of

There might have been alot of golf watching around our house this weekend. The Masters has a strange effect on all of us. My husband is a golf fan but I must admit, I’ve developed a strange habit of enjoying watching golf on TV the last few years myself. Weird, isn’t it? I thought so. I mean, I am an appreciater of sport for sure but I always thought golf was the most boring thing on television.

Anyway, all three of us were paying attention but apparently C was learning more than we thought. Everytime a golfer came on the screen – which is often because they have to show everyone numerous times – she wanted to know what his name was. So after a day or so of telling her, she knew them all.

Our 2.5 year old could often be heard saying things like, “Yay, Tiger Woods got it in the hole!” or “Good shot Trevor Immelman!” But my personal favorite from yesterday was, “Oh, come on Brandt Snedekar, you can do better than that.” I don’t know why but I find the fact that she recognizes him AND remembers and prounounces his name correctly very amusing.

Her sporting interest doesn’t stop at golf she also loves watching curling, bowling, and hockey to name a few.

I think I’m ok with this 🙂


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