A visual

15 Weeks Pregnant

It’s fun to have a visual sometimes. I was reading up on week 15 and the baby is the size of a teaspoon and weighs like 3 ounces. Boy do I feel even bigger now knowing the baby is so tiny!

In something totally unrelated; If you left delicious cookies on my doorstep yesterday please ‘fess up so I can thank you properly. They were appreciated!

Update: Thank you Mrs. D for the surprise cookies!! they were delicious!!



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2 responses to “A visual

  1. And please feel free to leave some on my doorstep, too. The baby wants cookies.

  2. I made some yesterday. I wish I had brought some to you so I could be the nice person you are talking about.
    Glad you got some cookies.
    Your baby is cute by the way and so’s your belly. 🙂

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