The worst is over…I hope

I just feel like an update is needed because I went ahead and changed my blog look without posting an update. I don’t know why that matters but it does ok so get over it 🙂

So I think the worst is over with the crazy pregnancy related yuckiness. And I hesitate to say that in case I’m wrong but I’ve been feeling pretty ok for the last couple of weeks with the exception of a day or two where I over did it or ate too much. I’m no longer napping in the afternoon which is a good sign. There were quite a few weeks there that I serioulsy NEEDED the nap to survive. Literally – to survive. And even then it didn’t really seem to help much. So I’m feeling pretty good about being awake more. Also, I’m starting to be able to cook again…although I’m still not enjoying the cooking, at least I can do it. I’m sure my husband is happy ’bout that. He ate alot of grilled cheese sandwiches.

And in case you don’t live here and can’t see me on occasion, I’m huge. For 14 weeks I’m huge. And I was with C too so I know it’s kinda what I do but seriously? This big already? I’m tempted to wonder about twins…although I quickly shove that possibility out of my mind because, HELLO! SCARY THOUGHT! I need to go shopping. My wardrobe is about one pair of jeans and two shirts at the moment…well, not counting sweats and t-shirts of course.

Ok, I think I’m done updating you for the time being. Until I think of something equally as lame to post about 🙂


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  1. I so understand the huge feeling. I wish you could see me right now! You would feel so much better about yourself!

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