It’s kinda nice not to have to buy diapers and an update on my stinky sink

So, I thought I would update you on the toilet training because I know you are just dying to hear a little more about how C trained herself. Yes, yes you are.

She’s doing really well. She’s not accident free but there are very few and she certainly DOES NOT want to wear diapers. She is wearing a pull up to bed at night and if we have to go on a long-ish car ride but even then she is mostly dry.

She’s been having fun telling pretty much everyone that she “pees on the toilet now like a big girl!” Pretty soon we’ll have to have a talk about announcing such things in public.

So, needless to say, I’m happy about this. My friend Shala hit it on the nose last night when she said, “Well, it’s nice that at least one thing about C has been easy.” It’s true, not much about her has been easy but this she just kind of took care of herself.

Oops, just realized I forgot to call Shala back. Sorry ’bout that, Shay. I’ll call later 🙂

In other news, I posted about my stinky kitchen sink last week and I’m happy to report that some baking soda and vinegar did the job and my sink is stink free! Thanks to all the WFMW peeps who helped me out.



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2 responses to “It’s kinda nice not to have to buy diapers and an update on my stinky sink

  1. Yay for getting the stink out! And so great on the potty success!


  2. Congrats! That’s such a huge hurdle to scale, potty training. And it’s great when it’s so easy.

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