I guess I should have known she would just toilet train herself

Well, after many suggestions and tactics and treats I just assumed that C would be very stubborn when I actually decided it was time to toilet train. And I know I said just last week that there wouldn’t be any training until I felt a little better.

Little did I know C was going to call the shots on this one. She just seemed so comfortable in diapers that I thought she would never volunteer to train so I was preparing for battle.

Well, about mid-morning she came out of her room with a pair of princess p*nties (don’t want any wierdos here) and informed me that she wanted to wear them today.

“What? Really? Ok, well if you do, this is what happens, little girls that wear p*nties have to use the potty when they pee.”

“OK”, she said.

We went through about 5 pairs this morning but each time she told me when she was peeing and started running for the bathroom and often finished on the toilet!! I thought this was huge! But she wouldn’t go when I suggested that she should try BEFORE she had an accident.

By suppertime, I suggested trying before she ate and she said ok and peed on the toilet! Oh the celebration!

Tonight I had to go to Awana and I wasn’t sure how it would go with Mike here but she didn’t even wet herself once and told her daddy when she needed to go!

Needless to say I’m impressed 🙂

Hopefully tomorrow is even better!



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5 responses to “I guess I should have known she would just toilet train herself

  1. Good for Chloe!!! Very exciting…sounds like a slightly wet, but good day!!!

  2. julia

    did she pee ON the toilet? or IN the toilet? either one is certainly progress! 😉

  3. Gotta love it. 🙂 Do I hear a hallelujah chorus going on somewhere? 🙂

  4. misty30

    YIPPEEEE, WAHOOOOOO….way to go Miss Chloe…if mommy and daddy are looking, there is a great DVD for little ones who use the potty now…called Bear in the Big Blue House ‘It’s Potty Time’ or something like that 🙂 Cadie loved that DVD 🙂

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