Setting Goals

That seems like a lofty thing for me to write since I can’t even seem to get out of bed for any length of time these days. Will someone please tell me that this extreme fatigue will go away soon? I can’t even function and I’m not handling it very well. For instance, after a particularly horrible sleep last night I was not too fun this morning. I’m not sure if Mike was joking or not when he asked me to “please stop acting like you’re on your death bed”. And since I felt like I was on my death bed this remark sent me flying back to bed bawling my eyes out.

I know, not so mature.

C followed me into bed asking why I was so sad and all I can tell her is that I don’t feel good. She of course can’t understand how much energy this tiny baby is zapping from me and I don’t want her to think her little brother or sister in there is hurting mommy.

Anyway, so my point is this. I’ve set some goals recently, mostly regarding C, but those goals seems a bit too much for me at the moment. I’ve decided that setting goals like getting out of bed and trying to be cheerful are much more attainable than potty training. I’m hoping that this first trimester is the hardest and that things look up soon because we are SO potty training before this new baby arrives.

I am happy to report that we have C sleeping through the night again which is a great relief. Once we found out about new baby, we knew the sooner we got her back to her own bed the better. It took about two weeks for her to completly quit waking up in the night and crying for us. We had to gate her door which I sort of felt was mean at first but it keeps her out of our room which is necessary since I don’t have the sense at night to take her to back to bed once she comes in with us. Yeah, so that’s good news.

Anyway, I wish I could tell you that I read the first six chapters of Nehemiah more than once but I’d be lying if I said that. I know I’m missing out though because it really is good stuff. Honestly, the whole ‘mind to work’ thing has been playing in my head. Mostly since I don’t have a mind to do anything. But I think if I was really trusting God and really surrendering even my weakest moments to Him that I would be able to accomplish more in a day. I’m not looking to rebuild any walls at the moment but I would like to at least get my laundry done.

Alright, I think that’s all I can say. I seriously hope I can sleep tonight or magically become one of those people who can actually function on small amounts of sleep 🙂



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5 responses to “Setting Goals

  1. I consider getting laundry done and being cheerful when I don’t feel like it, wall building. Totally. That’s where it all starts right? That’s the kind of stones I’ll be placing in my wall, Lord willing. If God doesn’t give me a mind to work its just not going to happen.

    And excuse me, I consider this a review as well. C’mon, get over there to Mr.Linky and link. You read Nehemiah and got something out of it. Link woman! Link!

  2. this is totally not the time for goals. getting out of bed and being cheerful is plenty for the next while. and this one’s worth a try:

    and mike’s quote is my new favourite. someday you will be able to laugh. even jon managed to laugh at that one (although i’m sure he sympathized and maybe even agreed – how can they possibly know what we’re dealing with?). if you are a scrapbooker i think you should make a whole page around that quote. memories. 🙂

  3. I’ve said this before to other people, but sometimes we have to go in to survival mode. And right now you’re in survival mode. All bets are off. AND THAT’S OKAY! The goals can wait till later and you’ll know when it’s the right time to pick up where you left off.

    Hope you get to feeling better…being pregnant the second (and third) times were the worst because I had another person depending on me for EVERYTHING. Even when I didn’t feel like lifting my head off the pillow. That’s when I say you have to dig the energy up from your toes and just do it.


  4. It will be over soon, I really hope for you! And we’re working on getting Gray to sleep in his bed before the new baby comes, too. I am very thankful that he’s no longer nursing… that will help a big deal!


  5. If you are that tired, as I tend to get when pregnant, try some liquid Aloe Vera. You can get it at health food stores or through a company like Watkins.
    Its rather amazing. Just don’t take it late afternoon or evening or you’ll be up all night!!
    Lots of vitamins and minerals… easy to absorb.. not terribly bad tasting… lots of zip and zing!!!

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