The cats, they are no longer so white

Well, it’s been quite a weekend in our household. I came down with some sort of strange virus thing that started out with a seemingly harmless sore throat and ended with me spending most of yesterday unable to get out of bed. I seem to be recovering nicely as the day goes by and feel like I may even be at normal capacity tomorrow. Which would be nice.

On Friday our pellet stove decided to stop working so yesterday morning Mike and his dad took the thing apart and tried to figure out how to fix it. I was pretty sure this would be ok as both father and son are pretty handy guys.

At one point in the morning (this was before I went back to bed for the afternoon) C and I were in the kitchen and I heard, “Oh no, turn off the fan!”

Yeah. Too late. One BIG poof of soot took over the house.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been anywhere that soot has been blown but let me tell you that this fine layer of soot settled EVERYWHERE. And since I was totally just trying to stand up until Mike could take over entertaining C I did not have the energy to even care let alone start cleaning it up. We all looked like chimney sweeps most of the day.

Anyway, they fixed the stove. That’s good. Saved about a $100 on a new motor for the thing. Hopefully It’s good for awhile longer.

After lunch C went to bed and so did I and Mike spent that two hours cleaning everything. He really is a good man. He mopped and dusted and wiped things down and took down the curtains to be washed. It was hard work I imagine 🙂

The white cats didn’t care that the furniture and floor were full of soot and went about lying around as usual so they are now grey cats. Rather ugly looking!

And then to top it off Mike said he would go get the groceries last night! Aw! So I made him a detailed list and off he went and did a great job buying the food. I think his motivation was that he actually wanted to eat today.

I really missed being in church today but I still wasn’t feeling like myself and no sense spreading possible germs either. I hear it was a rip-roarin good sermon from Revelation that I’ll have to listen to online when it’s up.

Well, there’s all you ever wanted to know about my weekend. Oh, besides the fact that after he came home from the grocery store last night Mike scrubbed the floors AGAIN because our socks were still turning black. He pretty much doesn’t have to do a thing for Valentines Day…he made my heart happy by doing the cleaning and the shopping 🙂



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2 responses to “The cats, they are no longer so white

  1. No fair. Not fun. Sickness & soot is no goot, I mean good. 🙂 You were missed.

  2. Misty30

    What a sweet guy to do all that work and look after C for you 🙂 I hope you’re feeling much better today 🙂

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