No review #2

I wanted to use the title “slacker” but Anne already used it 🙂

After a bit of thought, I decided not to write a review again this week. I read it a few times and found it interesting and challenging but I don’t really think I can put anything into words that might make sense. And there were more things I wondered about than actually learned. 

Mike is sick again with a cold and C came down with something yesterday morning. She was fine when she got up and then by 9:30 as we were getting ready for church, she seemed a little off but we kept going. By the time we got to church she was burning up so we put our coats back on and came home. I’m glad I listened to my mothers intuition on that one because about a minute after we got in the door, she lost her breakfast. That would have been awkward at church. Anyway, she ran a slight temp yesterday but was fine otherwise and seems a-ok today. Random one day sickness I guess.

Anyway, I’m still pressing on with Leviticus. I have to admit that when I read the chapters yesterday I skimmed alot. I’ll try harder today to read all the words.



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2 responses to “No review #2

  1. watchthesky

    Poor C! I’m glad you took her home too. And I’m glad you are still reading. I’ll admit that lately I’m getting way more out of my daily Proverb than Leviticus. 🙂

  2. Kim

    Very awkward at church. Trust me! It was D, and luckily it happened just before we walked in the door. All over me. Yuck! Glad she’s feeling better!

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