No review

**Ok, so I just read all the other reveiws and boy, did I miss the boat! Go there now and read theirs…do it, you won’t be sorry 🙂 **

I’ve been debating all weekend whether or not I was going to do a review on the first five chapters of Leviticus. I think I decided not to do a formal review. I’m just going to post a few random thoughts here while C actually takes a nap for once!

I’ve read Leviticus before…ok, well I skimmed it at least. I remember thinking how unimportant all that information on sacrifice seemed. I didn’t really look at it as unimportant this time but it sure made me thankful that I didn’t live back then! I still don’t know why God included all that in the scriptures. Maybe it was to make us more grateful for the gift we’ve been given in Jesus Christ. Maybe it was to show us how the Isrealites obeyed even though those directions were so specific. Probably the reason is much deeper than that.

Now that I’ve finally decided not to post a review, I can go read the other ones now and see what you all got from these pages.



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2 responses to “No review

  1. watchthesky

    I think this should qualify as a review and be added to Mr.Linky. 🙂 He looks lonely and you read the chapters and said what you got out of it. Yes, I think it’s a review. So there.

  2. I don’t know about that! It’s pretty lame… 🙂

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