Get rid of your Nalgene

I’ll go off the spiritual track for a moment and bring you some information on your household plastics. They could be harming you and your children! I checked most of ours and they seem ok but my Nalgene water bottles are not good and have to go! Maybe you knew this already but I didn’t.

Good numbers are 2, 4, and 5 (printed on the bottom in a little recycling triangle) and 7 is bad! Nalgene’s are a 7. Anyway, I’ll stop rambling and just get you to go read what the experts are saying here in this article.

PS: Nalgene International is denying their products are harmful here. So you can read up and decide what you believe 🙂

PPS: from what I’ve read, BPA’s (the potentially harmful chemical in some plastic bottles) are being banned in Europe and apparently Canada is working on it with a report due out in 2009.

I just think it’s interesting since some of us were having a discussion on plastics just the other night.



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3 responses to “Get rid of your Nalgene

  1. watchthesky

    Thanks for the link. I wasn’t going to bother reading it because I just read a thing on the Nalgene bottles a couple days ago, but I’m gald I did. I had no idea that pretty much ALL plastic is bad. I’ll just work away at building up my glass containers from now on. Chemicals are nasty.

  2. I’ve heard this also and we’ve already gone through all our plastics. How come it’s taken them this long to figure this out?

  3. So this morning I was feeding Dorey her fruit from a plastic container…and it crossed my mind that I should check the number on the bottom. It was a 7 and I was so annoyed!! They are selling baby food in these nasty plastic containers. Back to glass I go.

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