A good Christmas and some good bargains

Oh hi there. I hope you all had a wonderfully merry Christmas with family and friends. We sure did! This year was really fun for me since I knew C was getting excited and we knew she was going to enjoy getting some new things.

I’ll just highlight a thing or two that made me smile:

On Christmas eve morning I told her that she would have one more sleep and then she could open her presents. Well, she decided to actually nap that day so when she woke up she ran out and asked if she could open her presents. I felt bad and explained that I meant one more sleep at night and she would have to wait till tomorrow. So, Christmas morning she came into our room about 6:30am and crawled in with us. I don’t think she went back to sleep because I could feel her fidgeting but around 7:15 ish she rolled over, sighed loudly and said, “Can I open my presents NOW?”

The night before, I had set an orange on the mantle with the intentions of putting it in her stocking but I forgot. When she came out Christmas morning the orange was the first thing she noticed and she was SO EXCITED that Santa left her an orange on the mantle. All those presents and she noticed the orange. I guess we could have just got her fruit this year 🙂

Anyway, Christmas lasted about three days with all the visiting and cooking and family and presents. C got spoiled by the grandparents and family but it was really fun and she likes everything she got. Now where to put it all??

So today Mike headed back to work and I vowed to get back to normal habits around here. Cleaning, eating real meals, no snacking on chocolate etc 😉 I asked mom if she could come over so I could use her car to zip to town for a moment. The parking lot of Price Chopper and Bargain Harley’s was packed.

Turns out Bargain Harley’s was having a 44% off everything sale! In a way I’m glad I didn’t have a lot of time because I think I would have bought alot of junk. Something that did catch my eye was this little Christmas tree. Please note the cuteness of the tree and then please note the price tag in the picture below. The photo actually doesn’t do this tree any justice. It’s nicer than it looks here.

cute little tree

price tag

Yeah. I know!

Also out front in Harley’s famous boxes of junk there were all these bags marked $1.88 and picking up only one I realized that there were some deals to be had. I bought two. One looked like this: assortment of sweet deals and the other was similar but different 🙂

Here is a selection of my favorite little things out of the bags:

favorite things

Oh and I’ll be using all that ribbon and bows and stuff next year. I actually can’t wait. Silly isn’t it?

I’m not usually one for boxing week deals but they were looking me right in the eye on my way to the grocery store. Think of all the things I might have found if I had gone elsewhere but the checkout? Oh well.

It was $4.86 well spent.


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  1. watchthesky

    Hey, things look different over here at Jenn’s place. 🙂 Great bargains! 🙂

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