Come on in, have a look around

 Christmas Tour of Homes

 BooMama‘s having a very swell bloggy christmas home tour. I want to participate but I’ll just warn you ahead of time that you will actually have to click on the links to see the pics because, well, I haven’t taken the time to figure out exactly how to post pictures on wordpress. So there. Please take a look around anyway if you can spare some clicking energy 🙂 After you view each picture, click the back arrow instead of closing the window because then you’ll just have to find me again and if you’re anything like me…you won’t.

 Let’s start at the front door…these pics were taken yesterday afternoon just as the Nor’easter was blowing in. I’m glad I took them then because this morning my greens are all willy nilly because of the high winds.

front door 


cute snowman thing

Ok, come on inside now where it’s warm. Here’s my tree and my mantle. I especially love the mantle because we built this house and moved in back in June and I’ve been waititng for my mantle since then. My husband built it a few weeks ago. He did good 🙂

tree and mantle

Here’s a couple random shots of my kitchen and dining area. I’m a sucker for Christmas kleenex…aren’t you? Besides, they compliment those tiny trees so well! Those tress were my grandmothers. I love them. The picture does not do their sparkly-ness any justice at all.

christmas kleenex 

patio doors

Here are my two favorite pieces of Christmas decor. My mother in law painted the Christmastime wall hanging. I think it pictures the warmest, coziest Christmas. And the skate, well that’s just cute, come on now.

wall hanging 


And because I’m certain you have gotten tired of clicking, and have probably left, I’m going to keep going 🙂 Here’s a pretty little tree in my back yard with perfect Christmas snow on it.

snow tree

Here’s our warm pellet stove fire. I just like it.

warm fire

Ok and as one last treat, I’m going to show you my kid hammin’ it up in front of the tree as I’m trying to get the Christmas card shot. There were alot of takes.

tiny model

well, thanks for dropping by! Don’t forget to sign the guestbook before you go (in other words, leave a little comment if ya don’t mind). Merry Christmas!



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10 responses to “Come on in, have a look around

  1. watchthesky

    I love all your pictures! 🙂 Very Christmasy.

  2. Kim

    My dial-up is extra slow today–and I’m extra lazy–so instead of clicking on your pictures, I’m just gonna stop in sometime. Glad we had a chance to have a quick chat yesterday morning!

  3. The sharing here was stupendous.

    [your link on the tour’s mr. linky isn’t working!]

    My holiday slide show tour is THIS WAY

  4. it all looks amazing, thanks for sharing!

  5. Jen

    Everything looks so festive. I really love your firplace and tree.
    Merry Christmas,

  6. SJ

    Very cute! Loved the pictures…very warm and cozy!!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Ooooh…I’m gonna do a Christmas tour of my house! Maybe not tomorrow, I’m babysitting. But yup, on Wednesday it must be done! I LOVE the mantle Mike built, good job Mike! And your decorations are so cozy and great!

  8. Everything is so warm and welcoming…thank you for such a festive tour!

    Merry Christmas,


  9. misty30

    Loved all the pics and the skate (so appropriate with Mike as your hubby) 🙂 Merry Christmas to you, Mike and Chloe 😉 hugs 😉

  10. sjbraun

    Love your wreath and front door – and everything, really. Thanks for having me over – Merry Christmas!

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