I really should be cutting out toy soldiers

Hello? Is anyone still coming here? If you are then I have to apologize for the lack of new content. I think of things quite often through the day that I think may make interesting reading but I just don’t get the time to sit down and concentrate enough to type them. And then when I do I can’t remember a single blessed interesting thing.

See? Not interesting at all.

C has decided that she does not need a nap. Oh bother. And the things is, she seems fine. She’s not cranky at supper, she’s not cranky before bed she is just fine which leads me to believe that she may not revive the nap. I miss the nap. I need the nap. The nap is good for mommy.

And I just realized that it sounds like I need a nap…I don’t, I just like the quiet time.

Oh yeah, the toy soldiers are for play group tomorrow morning in case you were wondering. I only have to cut out six but I’m not a fan of cutting out.

Speaking of being a fan, I found a new-to-me Christian radio station to listen to online and it’s playing Christmas music ALL. THE. TIME. and I enjoy it. It’s from Houston so, you know, the traffic and weather updates are not too relevant but I like the tunes. In case you’re interested it’s: 89.3 KSBJ

Christmas is two weeks away. Horray! But also <minor pouty face> because that was fast. How come time is so fast lately? Seriously, like, where does time go?

I realize some of you may wonder what’s a happening with me and my not-so-close walk with the Lord lately. I haven’t said anything because there really isn’t anything to report. Which frustrates me but I don’t even know what to say about it so I won’t. Anyone know a good christian therapist? 🙂

I’m reading Exodus along with Book Review Friday. It’s pretty good.

Anyway, I feel that is all my brain wants to pour out tonight.

B-bye now.



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3 responses to “I really should be cutting out toy soldiers

  1. watchthesky

    I’m still checkin out your blog Jenn. Everyone is busy these days. Too busy to remember something to write it would seem. Glad to see an update from you. 🙂 So sorry about the nap thing!:( I feel your pain. I went through nap withdrawl big time when my chillins stopped. Can’t believe how your little C isn’t so little anymore.

  2. We gave up the morning nap a couple of months ago and that was rough. I’m terrified to give up the second one when the time comes. I’m already so tired all the time I can’t function. Don’t you wish toddlers just liked to sit? How can they always be moving?

  3. do you guys know that you don’t need to give up quiet time? you can teach the little guys to read or play quietly in their room (i made them stay in their beds) for an hour every afternoon! really! then you still get your quiet time, and although you might feel like you need it more than them, they need some down time, too.

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