I’ll probably forget

I’ve been meaning to write down some of the extra cute things that C has said and done lately but I haven’t because I always think I’ll remember them.

Yeah right.

So, I’m going to try and think of some and put them down here so that they might not all be forgotten.

If you sit near us in church, you’ve probably heard this one but it needs a little explanation for those who aren’t familiar with our evening sevice procedure: There is an older gentleman in our church who leads the hymn singing portion of the Sunday evening services. He wears suspenders and they cross in the back. One Sunday a month or more ago, as Mr. K was making his way to the front, C says, “Look momma! An X man!” Of course this isn’t a reference to the movie characters but the giant letter “x” on his back from the suspenders. And every evening service since then she has announced this as Mr. K walks past us.

Yesterday she says to me, “You’re the best mom I ever seen.” I like that one 🙂

Part of the Christmas parade in Town the other day included some goats. (I know, goats aren’t very christmas-y but we live in farm country) Honestly, her reaction to the goats was the most enthusiastic one of all things in the parade. “Look! Tiny Goats, Daddy! Aw, I love tiny goats so much.”

Any of you who have or ever had a toddler know that getting a moment to yourself is difficult. I closed the door to the bathroom the other day and C burst in a moment later. I asked her to please leave so mommy could just go to the bathroom. She looked at me almost sympathetically and with a knowing tone in her voice said, “Ohhhh, you have a poopy diaper.” And she promplty left. That one was more tone than anything and it cracked me up. But I did get a few seconds to myself 🙂

Also her enthusiasm for all things Christmas makes me very happy. We went to the mall the other day and each and every time we passed under a line of garland it seemed like she had never seen such a thing in her whole two years of life. I’m pretty sure that comes from me. I loooooove everything Christmas.

One of my other favorites lately is when asked a question she replies, “You certainly can!”

I’m sure there are more that I’ll remember throughout the day and I’ll edit to add them as they come to mind.



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2 responses to “I’ll probably forget

  1. Kim

    An X man! I love it!!
    And incidently, I’m the best girl that M. has ever see’d.

    We enjoyed the goats too. And I know that you haven’t invited me but I would love to watch your Chipmunks DVD with you sometime. Hint hint. Bring on the nostalgia!!

    How are your feet doing?

  2. Jeez! I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve visited your blog! So so sorry! I got a little crazy “organizing” my bookmarks a while back and your blog got moved out of the way somehow. But it’s back where it belongs! 🙂

    C sounds darling. I love hearing the things I say to them come back to me. When my two oldest were about C’s age, every time I went to the bathroom they would get excited and say, “GOOD JOB!”

    And I LOVE your new look and the music. It’s really nice!

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