It’s for her, really it is

I don’t get out much. Mainly because the one vehicle we own goes to work with Mike everyday. I’m used to it now but once in awhile I just want to hit the road.

Mike’s parents got called away to Ottawa for a couple weeks and left us their other car! This makes me a little happy.

We have E here today so I got both car seats secured and we were off to Walmart to run some errands and waste some time 🙂 While we were in the electronics section I saw something that made me catch my breath just a little in excitement; the Alvin and the Chipmunks 25th anniversary Christmas DVD.

I won’t lie. I might have squealed quietly just a little.

And maybe I bought it immediatly.

And then when I looked at it further and discovered it also came with a CD soundtrack I might have got a little more giddy inside.

And maybe as soon as we got home I put the girls right down for a nap and I possibly opened that case up and played the CD.

And I liked it.

But it’s totally for C and she is going to get as many years of Christmas joy as I did from those squeaky little chipmunks. Yes, and she’ll laugh at her crazy mother when she’s old enough to do so. And then she’ll look at me strangely when I tell her we used to have the ‘vinyl album’ and play it on the ‘record player’ when I was a little girl. It’ll be an educational moment for sure 🙂


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